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Fall 2012 News

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Kubota tour11/9: SME student chapter arranged a tour of Kubota, one of the largest manufacturers of tractors. More pics.

11/5 Dr John Hunter from Novelis had a speech. This seminar was arranged by SME student chapter.

11/1: Many MET students attended the Business Etiquette Dinner on campus.

Author10/24: SPSU Author's reception:

Some of the MET faculty members attended the SPSU Athur reception. Read more and see pictureshere.

Lockheed tour10/18: SME student chapter arranged the Lockheed tour again. This tour is arranged every semester. About 50 people attended the tour.

10/16: Automation Federation visit (Michael Marlowe)- Dr Gene Yon

10/5 - SME chapter celebrated the SME Inaugural Manufacturing Day.

Conf   conf

10/2: Staff Travel from "Hornet's Nest" to "Eagle's Nest" for University System of Georgia Staff Annual Conference

Leading in Tough Times was the hallmark of the educational and networking conference held on the "True Blue" campus of Georgia Southern University co-hosted by Savannah State University Oct 2-3, 2012.  SPSU staff were engaged in break-out sessions focused on teamwork, motivation and leadership in the higher education environment as well as a 1/2 day workshop on PEOPLEMAP.

(Pictured left to right:  Vickie Moody with keynote speaker Coach Jeff Monken and other staff. Christina Turner, IET; Alberta Cook, ECET and SPSU Staff Council Vice-Chair; Vickie Ann Moody, MET; and Susan Bentzen-Gordet, CSSE; not pictured but in attendance Denise Tucker, Math).

Dr. E. Michael Lillibridge (PhD., Licensed Psychologist, President and Founder, PeopleMap Training) delivered a straightforward personality typing seminar in which attendees were presented with tools specifically designed to help them learn how to build effective interpersonal relationships with those around them.  Relative to SPSU, the engineering firm PBS&J has trained all 4,000 of it's employees in the PeopleMap System.

Attendees gathered at the Eugene M. Bishop Fieldhouse as the keynote speaker Jeff Monken, Football Coach GSU, challenged the guests to "buy into something bigger than yourself" (ie, individual university missions) by accepting accountability in the role they play.  The take away was 3 character traits:  1) Toughness (mental); 2) Humility; and 3) Effort (hard-work).

The campus's natural beauty was further highlighted as the closing picnic was held at the Center for Wildlife Education & Lamar Q. Ball Jr. Raptor Center. (Pictured:  Freedom, a male American Bald Eagle, which flies over graduates at commencement during the playing of the University's alma mater.)

10-1-3 Edibon Service/Installation
we could get a pic of Norm w/ new equipment and write a paragraph

conf 9/28: Ms Vickie Moody attended the 2012 Annual SWE Faculty Advisor Training Webinar. Vickie has been the Staff Advisor to Society of Women Engineers for the past 3 years. Last year she was recognized as an "Outstanding Advisor." Keep up the good job Vickie!

9/25 - Georgia Engineering Foundation was on campus for scholarship interviews. They interviewed 2 MET students.

Sept 2012- Profs Yon, Sweigart & others met with reps from Saigon University in Vietnam to sign agreement.

Sept - Tech Fee Awards (Randy, Joe & David)

MET4903 Rapid Design and Manufacture: Fall 2012

Sep 21-22, ASME,

9/21, Future of ET meeting, /vpaa/weekly_blab/twb_7_8.htm

9/13, Special Seminar: Repair of Large Cast Steel Equipment

On 9/13/2012, MET hosted the Atlanta Chapter of the American Welding Society (pic of plaque attached).  Prof Sweigart and his MET 3132 students attended the event.  Carl Matricardi, owner of Welding Solutions, Inc. and retired MET professor, has requested these events to be hosted at SPSU for the past two years to bring exposure to the MET program.

Special Guest Presenter:  Mr. George D. Fairbanks, Jr. Principal Owner & General Manager FAIRBANKS INSPECTION & TESTING

This presentation included the review of the repair at hand, assessment of base metals, required welding procedures, welder qualifications, and the repair plan. Also included, material identification, assessment of the crack mechanism and feasibility of repair.  The final NDE evaluation of the completed repair was also included. 

8/29, Dr. Simin Nasseri was honored for her role as SME chapter faculty advisor. Read more here.

New Class for MET Students: EDG 4224, Engineering Graphics for Manufacturing (Fall 2012)

Tech Fee Proposal: 2

Elmo Document Cameras for Graphics Labs Q219 & Q222 (August 2012)

8/27 - Meeting w/ Novelis

Fees and Grants:

- Professor John Sweigart of MET and Prof Mir Atiqulla were awarded a tech-fee grant for acquiring/renewing a multi-seat teaching license of a software called 'Cambridge Engineering Selector (CES).'

- Kudos to Prof. Greg Conrey & Prof. Joe Como Mini-Grant Funding:

Category C: Undergraduate Engagement in Faculty-mentored Research and Creative Activities. Greg Conrey/Mohammed Mayeed -- Virtual Optimization.Category A: Project-based Learning. Joseph Como -- Sheet Metal Shaping.