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Mechanical Engineering Technology Department,

Southern Polytechnic College of

Engineering and Engineering Technology,

Building Q, KSU

1100 South Marietta Pkwy

Marietta, Ga, 30060


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  Professor      Position     Specialty Area

Como, J.


Graphics/ CAD

Conrey, G.

Associate Prof

Graphics/ CAD


Dhanasekar, P

Assistant Prof

Machine Design, Engr Mat'ls

Emert, R.

Assistant Prof

Manufacturing, Graphics/CAD


Horton, D.

Associate Prof

Mechanics, CAD/CAM, Manufacturing


Khazaei, A.

Associate Prof

Fluids, Thermodynamics, Renewable energy,HVAC

Nasseri, S.

Associate Prof

Manufacturing, Design, Mechanics, Rheology, Polymer Processing, Micromachinery, CFD, Biomech Eng.

Russell, N.

Associate Prof

Fluids, Thermodynamics, Materials

Sweigart, J.

Associate Prof

Department Head,

Mechanics, Instruments/Controls, Materials, Metrology


Winsor, Brad


Graphics, Industrial Design
Certified SolidWorks Professional

Adjunct Faculty:

 Saeed Piroozi

Adjunct Prof

Design, Manufacturing

Industrial engineering

Atiqullah, M.  Prof. Design, Manufacturing, Mat'ls Science, CAD, Mechanics, Optimization, High Perf. Comp.
Cole, M.     Graphics/ CAD
Cook, D     Graphics/ CAD
Ford, R     Graphics/CAD
Jordan, E.     Manufacturing
Lee, J     Graphics/CAD
Stephenson, R.     Design, FEA, Dynamics and Vibrations

Whittle D.



Logue, L.J.      
Pearce, B.K.      
Santander, J.      
Young, R.C.      
Williams, O.W.      

FRED design group


MET faculty and students designed a statue for Novelis Inc, the world's largest manufacturer of rolled aluminum. The 10-foot tall statue shown below is now located in the lobby of the R&D center at Kennesaw. More info here.