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Message from the chair

Prof John Sweigart :

Thank you for your interest in the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program at Southern Polytechnic State University. We are sure that you will find our program both challenging and rewarding. You can read below, some facts about our program at MET:

Career preparation

"Our program is a great mix of theory and practical application. Our students are typically very strong in math and are in high demand in the industry."

MET benefits

"The two semesters of computer graphics (CAD) our students take in their first two years give them a very marketable skill. Many of them use it to finance the latter part of their college career. Moreover, about half of the courses in MET involve labs. They reinforce the theory and it really prepares our graduates well for their first job."

Do your homework

"Math skills are essential, and a good background in algebra is more important than a smattering of calculus. Once students are here, they need to do more than just get by in their freshman math courses. Many gain excellent experience participating in student competitions like Aerial Robotics Team or the Formula SAE race car."

Teaching high points

"Because we're a small college and department, there is plenty of time to help students one on one. I enjoy showing them the connection between the physical problem and the theory and math that go with it. To solve a problem, students learn they need to express it mathematically."

Aerial robotics

"This is a team with students from MET, Electrical Engineering Technology, and Computer Science. The interdisciplinary aspect is like what real engineers encounter. The students are really sharp and highly professional, so they're really fun to work with."

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