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Mechanical Engineering Technology Department,

Southern Polytechnic College of

Engineering and Engineering Technology,

Building Q, KSU

1100 South Marietta Pkwy

Marietta, Ga, 30060

Areas of Study

Our graduates are capable of applying engineering principles to today's industrial problems. In the four-year Bachelor's degree programs, we emphasize necessary theoretical concepts as well as practical laboratory experience in manufacturing processes and techniques, instrumentation and controls, and equipment and machinery design, and performance testing and evaluation. Particular emphasis is placed on studies meeting the needs of those industries which are prevalent in the Southeast.

"The degree is engineering technology, the career is engineering! TM " (ASEE, Engineering Technology Council)

The following information is provided for students interested in attending Southern Polytechnic's MET Department. The Statement of Purpose provides information on the various options within the MET curricula. Please choose from the following options or select one from the left menu.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology

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Minor in Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Minor in Engineering Design Graphics Technology

For obtaining a certificate on "Engineering Design Graphics Technology," contact Prof Greg Conrey. Besides, if you would like to know how to become a "Certified Manufacturing Technologist", contact Prof Don Horton or Dr Simin Nasseri.






Cody Winters

Cody Winters; now a mechanical engineer at GE power and water.