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All students entering SPSU are required to attend the orientation meeting held at the beginning of their first semester unless special provisions are made with the department of their major.  Students will be introduced to SPSU as well as advised and registered for courses. 

Your university academic advisor is not like your high school guidance counselor. Your advisor is here to assist and work with you to ensure that you meet your academic requirements as you work toward graduation. But advisors are much more than schedule builders. They work to build a partnership with you the student, meeting their responsibilities as advisors and making sure you understand your responsibilities as students. 



A recommended sequence of courses will be provided to all students during the orientation session. Students then will be expected to prepare their own schedules. Students will have an opportunity to discuss a proposed schedule with an advisor and will register for recommended courses. 

All MET students are required to meet with their respective advisors. There are three types of students for advisement and registration. These types of students are New Students (freshman and transfer), Continuing Students, and Students on Probation.

Every newMETstudent, either freshman or transfer, must report to an advisor at the beginning of their academic career at SPSU. Continuing SPSU students should seek periodic advisement.

Though not mandatory, it is strongly recommended that freshman and transfer students seek advisement their first two semesters. Transfer students need to find out what courses transferred to SPSU for credit, enabling them to better plan their degree program.  In summary, advisement is broken down as follows.

List of Advisors:


  • Ms Vanessa Bard our School of Engineering Technology professional advisor (office Q 330) for freshmen and transferred students (freshman level) and graduation petitions.

  • Prof  Ali Khazaei for others that are A-F in alphabet,

  • Prof Randy Emert for others that are G-P in alphabet,

  • Prof Simin Nasseri for others that are Q-Z in alphabet.

(*) Those whose family names start with A to K.

() If a student has overall 30 hours or more on his/her transcript, he/she should go to the regular advisors.

Concentration Area

Faculty Advisors


All faculty as assigned

Aerospace / Nuclear

All faculty as assigned


Ali Khazaei & Norman Russell

Engineering Design Graphics

Joe Como & Greg Conrey

Machine Design

PS Dhanasekaran


Randy Emert & Simin Nasseri

Probationary (Juniors & Seniors)

Don Horton


MET students at one of our open houses. One student is seen in his Halo armor suit that he has made for his Manufacturing Processes class project.



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