Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering

Systems and Mechanical Engineering Department
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060

Renee Butler, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Systems and Mechanical Engineering
Building Q, Room 129

Diana Cosme
Administrative Assistant II
Building Q, Room 128

Richard J. Ruhala, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator for Mechanical Engineering
Building Q, Room 127


Please note; the curriculum has changed.

Students who started the program before Fall 2011 may continue with the Curriculum for 2009-2011 SPSU Catalogs, however there are some course substitutions. It is recommended they take the new curriculum instead, unless it will result in a delay in graduation.

Students starting in Fall 2011 must take the Curriculum for 2011-2012 SPSU Catalog.This curriculum includes changes that were made to improve the program.

See your advisor if you have questions.

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