Math News

    Mathematics Colloquia

    Wavelets, the Molecules and Atoms of the Mathematical Universe
    Josip Derado, Kennesaw State University

    Tuesday March 25  2:30pm  Q207


    The Life of Pi: On the Life and Contributions of Ramanujan
    Zhu Cao, SPSU Q202, 3:14 PM  Piday March 14


    New Problems in Matrix Theory
    Ulrica Wilson, Morehouse College/ICERM

    Tuesday,  February 18   2:30 PM   Q207
    Refreshments 2 PM Building D Second Floor

    Sum-Product Inequalities
    Albert Bush, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Tuesday,  October 22  3 PM  Q207
    Refreshments 2:30 PM Building D Second Floor


    Periods of sequences given by linear recurrence relations mod p
    Alan Koch

    Tuesday,  September 17  3 PM  Q207
    Refreshments 2:30 PM Building D Second Floor


    Symmetry Groups and Temari Balls Plus
    Carolyn Yackel

    Tuesday, March 26 2013   4 PM Q207
    Refreshments 3:30 PM Building D Second Floor


    Steven Edwards

    Give Me a Place To Stand, and I Will Make You Pi
    Thursday March 14, 2013  3:14 PM Q202
    In Celebration of Pi Day



    Mathematical Music Theory
    Monday, February 25 2013  4pm  Q206
    Meet the speaker:
    coffee & cookies 3:30pm 2nd floor D


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    SPSU Mathematics Department

    The Mathematics Department office is located in D113 on the first floor of the Mathematics Building (Building D).


     Dr. Andrew McMorran is the Department Chair. 


    Ms. Denise Tucker is the Administrative Assistant.

      Mathematics Office:  D113    Office Telephone:  678 915-7235      Fax:  678 915-7680

    The Mathematics Department offers the B.S. degree in Mathematics, a minor in mathematics, and provides mathematics service courses to support all undergraduate degrees on campus.  Our mission is to deliver the highest quality teaching in these areas.

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