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Mathematics Department Faculty & Staff

Full-time Faculty and Staff

Keshav Acharya, Lecturer

Dhruba Adhikari, Assistant Professor

Zhu Cao, Assistant Professor

Shangrong Deng, Associate Professor

Meighan I. Dillon, Professor

Steven R. Edwards, Professor

Joseph N. Fadyn, Professor

Joel C. Fowler, Associate Professor

William Griffiths, Associate Professor

Sarah Holliday, Associate Professor and Department Chair

Yang Kang, Lecturer

Maurice LeBlanc, Lecturer

Andrew G. McMorran, Associate Professor

Nicolae R. Pascu, Associate Professor

L. R. Ritter, Associate Professor

Jennifer Vandenbussche, Assistant Professor

Larry Wang, Associate Professor

Lakmali Weerasena,  Lecturer

Taixi Xu, Associate Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Alfred Adler, Instructor

James Chu, Instructor

Farrouck Assaad, Instructor

Sunny Kang, Instructor

Kris Kathiresan, Instructor

Vinavtee Kokil,Instructor

Doug Morris, Instructor

Vona Bi Roubolo, Instructor

Gordon Shumard, Instructor

Robert Trebits, Instructor

Luma Vasiljevic, Instructor

Chaohui Zhang, Instructor

                                                                                     Emeritus Faculty
Ahmad Abusaid, Associate Professor Emeritus Ernest Stone, Associate Professor Emeritus
Robert Andrews, Associate Professor Emeritus Jose L. Vinelli, Associate Professor Emeritus
John T Gordon, Professor Emeritus Donald Young, Professor Emeritus
Gillian P. Haddle, Professor Emeritus Ralph Youngblood, Professor Emeritus
Kathleen A. Hall, Professor Emeritus John A. Ziegler, Professor Emeritus
James C. Kropa, Professor Emeritus  
Jack Pace, Associate Professor Emeritus