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Mathematics Colloquia

Translation Lengths of Point-Pushing Pseudo-Anosov Maps of Riemann Surfaces. Chaohui Zhang, Morehouse College 

Thursday Feb. 19 2015 at 2:30pm in A 215


Computational Graph Theory. Brian Patterson, Oglethorpe University

Thursday Oct. 23 2014 2:30pm in A 216 (Student Center)


How small is too small? Modeling the effects of habitat fragmentation via reaction diffusion equations. Jerome Goddard II Auburn University

Monday Sept. 22 2014 2:30pm Ballroom B Student Center



Math 2255

MATH 2255 Calculus III
Prerequisite: MATH 2254
Topics include: vectors in two and three dimensions, dot and cross
product, lines and planes in space, cylindrical and spherical
coordinates, vector functions, tangents and normals, velocity and
acceleration, arclength and curvature, functions of several
variables, partial derivatives, chain rules, directional derivatives
and gradients, tangent planes and extrema, multiple integrals in
rectangular, polar, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates.