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Goat Night History

STI Goat 1983
Drawing by Korosh Solaimani from page 1 of the October 23, 1981 issue of The Sting.

1972: Goat Day Is Born

"In 1972, a controversial tradition was initiated on the campus: Goat Day. One campus legend had it that some years earlier, a member of the previous administration had become so frustrated that one day he tied up a goat near the administration building on campus. The celebration of Goat Day was turned into a public relations festival with Bar-B-Que, a Miss Southern Tech pageant (with contestants from among the increasingly coed student body), contests, and a dance in the evening. The primary goal was to strengthen the level of faculty, staff, and student frustration and to help bond the various organizations and groups on campus. During 1973, following a public reference to Southern Tech as a vo-tech by then-Governor Jimmy Carter or his staff, Carter hastily visited the campus, expressed his support for the school, and proclaimed October 27, 1973 Goat Day Festival at Southern Tech. The tradition eventually diminished as other public relations activities became popular on campus but was kept alive as a day of competition among fraternities and sororities for a number of years thereafter."

- Richard A. Bennett, Southern Polytechnic State University: The History (Marietta, Ga.: Southern Polytechnic State University Foundation, 1998), 97-8.


"History of Goat Day," Engineering Technician 25:3"It seems that a few facts need to be made clear concerning "Goat Day" and just how it got started. 

On September 28, 1972, Coach Fran Florian spoke to the Southern Tech Lions. He asked for support and suggestions concerning student apathy toward activities on campus, especially athletic events. We had a good discussion and made plans for some possible avenues of correcting lack of interest in basketball games. 

Our regular meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m. We reconvened a few minutes later to hear Mary Ann Murray, who had come to the meeting to ask for support and suggestions for the forthcoming "Miss STI Contest."  We had an exchange of ideas relating to the contest. We decided that a definite date was necessary to start to formulate plans for the pageant, so Mr. Wynn made a motion that November 11, 1972 be our target date.

A planning committee was formed to get some ideas together and to try to get other clubs and fraternities interested in the contest. Mr. Wynn was made chairman. Also on the committee were Charles Day, Jeff Perdue, Robert Woodland, Leo Pietrcolo, Kerry Drake, and Jim Axley. The chairman asked the committee to meet in his office the next day, September 29, 1972, at 12:00.

The committee met as planned and ideas began anew. The name "Goat Day" was suggested for this day of activities.  Mr. Wynn made signs saying "Goat Day is Coming" and signed them "Pig Sti."  As the meeting came to an end, it was decided that other clubs and fraternities should be asked if they would like to participate. About one week later, a meeting was held with all interested parties. They agreed that a "Goat Day" full of fun activities would be a good way to get students interested in the "Miss STI Contest." Some weeks later, it was voted upon that the funds raised on this first "Goat Day" would go to the Boosters Club. But it is left open to the next "Goat Day" committee where next year's funds go.

Student clubs and fraternities are responsible for the success of "Goat Day." Also sharing in the success are a few dedicated faculty members who, together with the students, worked very hard to try and get a little student interest in the school, other than academic. If you did not attend this year, you missed a good time. Possibly next year you will make more of an effort to take part."

- "History of Goat Day," The Engineering Technician 25, no. 3, December 1972, 4.


1980s: Goat Day Becomes Goat Nite

"Goat Day at Southern Tech"

"Goat Day is a time when students, faculty, alumni, and friends can gather on the campus for Laughs, fun and games in a carnival atmosphere. ...

How did Goat Day originate? Legend has it that years ago a member of a previous administration became so frustrated with a problem one day that he symbolized the frustration by locking a goat up on campus near the administration building, which today is affectionately known as "the goat shed" by students.

Some students point out that the goat is the animal that best exemplifies those qualities needed to succeed at Southern Tech, mainly tenacity, perseverance, single-mindedness, and a determination to excel."

- Terry Drayton, "Goat Day at Southern Tech," The Sting 3, November 7, 1980, 18.


"Goat Week to Kick off Oct. 29" "The 1981 Goat Day Weekend will be kicked off by the 2nd Annual Southern Tech Talent Show, Thursday, October 29 at 8:00 p.m. ...

Several of the traditional events will remain, such as the Best Dressed Goat, the Reversed Beauty Contest, and the tug of war. New items will be the banana relay, the clothes relay and the pumpkin pie eating contest."

- Sue Konrad, "Goat Week to Kick off Oct. 29; Fall Tub Race Featured Attraction," The Sting, October 23, 1981, 1.


 October 22, 1982 cover for The Sting"Goat Week Slated for October 28-31""The 1982 Goat Week competition will start at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday October 28, with the 3rd annual Southern Tech Student Talent Show. ...

On Friday October 29, the traditional Goat Nite competition will take place. The Goat nite activities will be sponsored by the Intramural Department. Events taking place during this time are as followed: the best dressed goat, the reverse beauty contest and the tug of war. There will also be a mystery event."

- "Goat Week Slated for October 28-31," The Sting, October 22, 1982, 3.


The Sting 2:2 October 1984"On Friday night, November 9, at 7:00 p.m., the traditional Goat Nite activities will take place. Goat "Day" originated on the Southern Tech campus in the early 1970's as a Campus Field Day. Several students and faculty were tired of the apathy at Southern Tech and "goated" the students and faculty to attend. Three years ago, Goat Day became Goat Night with the Intramural Department becoming the sponsor of the "Anything Goes" events.

Several of the traditional events will remain, including the Best Dressed Goat, the Reverse BEAUTY Contest, and Tug-O-War."

- "The Goat Week Tradition Lives On!" The Sting 2, no. 2, October 26, 1984, 1.