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General Guidelines:

  • The Library binds one (1) copy of each thesis/ master’s project for the department of origin at the library’s expense.
  • All additional copies are bound at a rate of $11.25.* Payment is accepted in cash or check made out to SPSU. Payment in full is expected at time of order submission.
  • The author of the thesis/ master’s project should supply the library with the number of copies to be bound for the library, department, faculty and the student. In addition, the author is responsible for delivering unbound copies to the Acquistions department in the Library.
  • Copies of theses/ master’s projects must be submitted with the "Department Acceptance Form." The following information should also be provided: author, title, department and the student's telephone number and / or email address.
  • The Acquisitions Librarian will inform the student when the bound theses/ master’s projects are available for pick-up; This usually takes four (4) to eight (8) weeks. Bound items can be picked up in the Acquisitions department.
  • When the bound volumes return from the bindery the Acquisitions Librarian will contact student via email or phone. If no contact information was supplied or the Librarian cannot reach the student, the bound volumes will be sent to the department of origin.
For theses:
  • The Library will retain two (2) copies of all Southern Polytechnic State University theses, one in the Archives and one in the circulating collection.
  • Copies should be printed on acid-free 20 lb paper.
For master’s papers:
  • One (1) copy is retained for the Library’s circulating collection.
  • After 5 years, master’s papers may be weeded to make room for incoming master’s papers.
  • May have additional fees depending on the size and any other special requests.
  • Oversized: $25.00, Pockets: $2.50. Additional Lettering: $2.25.