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GIL Express

GIL Express is a service offered at all libraries with the University System of Georgia (USG). The service allows students, faculty, and staff to obtain any eligible circulating material from any of the USG libraries. GIL Express is available to all eligible patrons through both an on site (walk up) service and a remote requesting service (Universal Catalog via the World Wide Web).

Who is Eligible?

All currently enrolled students, currently employed faculty and staff, and qualified retirees who are in good standing at their home library possessing a valid picture ID are eligible to use GIL Express.

What May I Borrow?

Printed books from the general collection at the holding library are available to be borrowed through GIL Express.

Circulation Rules

Loan Period: All GIL Express material has a 28-day loan period for all patrons. Two online renewals are allowed. The last day to renew online is the day before the due date. Overdue GIL Express books cannot be renewed, and must be returned to any USG Library. The GIL Express patron may have up to fifty remote requests.

Recall Fines: If a University System of Georgia library chooses to charge recall fines for materials checked out through GIL Express,the fines will be $2.50 a day for each recalled item. Recall fines apply to all patrons (faculty, staff, and students).

How to Use GIL Express

Walkup Requesting: Any University System of Georgia student can check out books at any University System library by visiting the library and showing their current picture ID.

Internet Requesting: Students can request books via the Internet by logging onto the Universal Catalog ( Search the catalog by using the Quick Search, Keyword Search, or Exact Search. When you find the book you want, click the title. Check which libraries own the book and be sure that at least one has a copy available (check the Status for each library owning the book). Click "GIL Express Request" at the top of the screen.

1.             Enter your home library from the drop down menu.

2.             Enter your library barcode or institution ID number.

3.             Enter your PIN number. "If you don't know your PIN, please see this page:

3.             Enter your last name and click "Logon."

4.             Click "OK" on the next screen for GIL Express Request.

5.             You need to enter your library barcode or institution ID number again on the next screen.

6.             Select the library where you wish to pick up the book. (If you pick up the book at SPSU, use Circulation Desk. Other
                libraries may offer a choice of pickup locations.)

7.             Submit the request.

If the request fails, try again or call Mark Kirkley at 678-915-7275.

Picking Up Your Requests: When the materials you have requested are received by the library you selected as your pickup library, that library will send you either an Email or direct mail notice when the materials are available.

What Identification is Required: A valid photo ID card is required.

Overdue Material: If you have GIL Express materials that are overdue, your borrowing privileges are blocked immediately at all University System libraries, even your home library. After you return overdue materials, your borrowing privileges will be restored the next day.