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Registration Procedure

I. Course Registration Procedure:

  1. If you do not have a two year plan of study you must post it on Degreeworks and ask your academic advisor to approve it. All CSE students are required to complete a two year plan of study around midterm of the first semester. See for more details. 
  2. Check dates of registration at and on Banner Web (Student Services – Registration – Add/Drop classes) 
    registration times displayed on the Add/Drop classes page
    If you are eligible to register, proceed to the next step. NOTE: Certificate students can’t register for classes. Your advisor must register you.
  3. If you have completed a plan of study with your advisor, then go to and click on the Banner Web link under Southern Poly Quick Links.
  4. Log in.  Your User ID is your student number.  Your PIN is your birth date in MMDDYY format - Ex: 071162 is July 11, 1962.  You should change your pin as soon as you log in.
  5. Select Student menu.
  6. Select Registration menu.
  7. Select Add/Drop menu.
  8. Select and submit the term for which you are registering.
  9. Add classes by typing in the CRN (course reference number) found in the Dynamic Bulletin  Press the submit tab near the bottom of the page when you are finished adding classes.  Drop a class by pressing the tab under the action column that corresponds with the class you want to drop.  Change your schedule by selecting the appropriate action.  Submit your changes by pressing the submit tab near the bottom of the page.  Note: You can search for classes using several variables by pressing the Class Search button near the bottom of the screen.

If the section is closed (full), you must use the CSE wait list that is linked to the IT department website  or Your advisor or the program coordinator will NOT override you into a closed section. The wait list will be processed three times:

  • at the end of registration phase one,
  • at the end of registration phase two,
  • one business day before classes start.

When the waiting list is processed, an email will be sent to all IT students. It is your responsibility to check to see if the courses you requested were added to your schedule and make alternative arrangements if necessary.  Be sure you are aware of the payment deadlines so that a course added from the wait list is not dropped for nonpayment.

 If you get a pre-requisite and test score error and you believe that you’ve already had the pre-requisite (or are currently in the pre-requisite course) email your academic advisor with your student ID, course name and number, Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) and a detailed description of the problem.  To remove the prerequisite block, you must request a Prerequisite Override FROM YOUR ADVISOR AND THE COURSE INSTRUCTOR, otherwise your registration for the course will be removed.  The permission must be logged in the system/webreports by the advisor.  Do not go to someone else and request that they override the course for you.

10 Exit Banner Web when finished.