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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Registration/financial aid questions:

a.      I am getting a “link error” when I try to register – what’s the problem?

You are trying to register for a class that also has a “lab” – you need to register for both the Lecture section AND the Lab section (look for the Letter/number combination for the lecture, and find the reverse number/letter combination to choose a lab (there are usually more than one lab to choose from – you only select one lab section)

b.    I am getting a “Prerequisite and Test Score Error” when I try to register – what’s the problem?

See Registration Procedure

c.     I am trying to register, but it tells me I don’t have a “time ticket” – what’s the problem?

See Registration Procedure

d.    How many classes are considered full time? 

If you are on “Hope”, or another type of financial aid through the federal government – you normally have to be a full-time student – that means for undergraduate students 12 hours minimum, 18 hours maximum.  If you are a graduate student, then you are full time at 9 hours.

If you are going summer term, undergraduate students are still 12 hours, and graduate students are required to take at least 6 hours.

Part-time for undergraduate students is 1-11 hours, and for graduate students during the fall/spring terms is 1-7/8 hours.  During summer term undergraduate students is still 1-11 hours and graduate students is 1-6 hours.

e.     I have financial aid questions – can you answer them?

NO – all financial aid questions have to be directed to the financial aid office.  Since there are so many different regulations for financial aid, we don’t want to give you erroneous information.

f.      How do I find out what courses are offered in order to register?

Go to the Registrar's Office website and select “Registration” from the left column, click on the yellow box, "Schedule of Classes (Dynamic Bulletin)," select the term you are searching for (such as fall 2010 or spring 2011), then select the area you want to look for classes (such as “Information Technology”, “Mathematics”, “English”, etc.  The course schedule will give you the course record number (first 4 digits that you need to actually register for the course), course number (IT 4123)  course name (E-Commerce), days of week it meets (M, T, W, R, F), class time, professor, room number and the last column shows you if there is still room in the class.  If the FIRST number is less than the LAST number there is still room in the class for more students.

Remember undergraduate students have course numbers that begin with 1, 2, 3 or 4.  Graduate students have course numbers that begin with 5, 6 and 7.

2.  What is DESIRE 2 LEARN (D2L)?

D2L is our online authoring system where your online courses will be offered.  You can login to D2L through the KSU D2L log on site. 

E-core (general education courses offered online) or WebBSIT (WBIT Program) courses will be done in Georgia Online Virtual Instruction Enterprise Wide (GoVIEW).

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