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Online Course Facilitation Program

This four week course provides participants with the necessary competencies to facilitate an online course. In this program, participants will start with copying a course for delivering in the Desire2Learn (D2L) environment. Participants will experience hands-on the requirements to update and change the content in the copied course. This program will provide best practices for communicating with students. Finally, participants will experience grading and leaving feedback to effectively promote students in their online courses.

Course Objectives:

Upon successfully completing the Online Course Facilitation Program, participants will be able to:

  1. Copy and prepare a course for editing,
  2. Update and change course documents and dates,
  3. Prepare communications for course interactions, and
  4. Grade submissions and provide feedback to students.

 Who should attend?

Any part-time or full-time faculty who have used D2L less than 2 semesters and seek a basic knowledge to deliver a fully-online course will benefit from completing this program.