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Services Offered


This page provides you with a list of services available through the creation and production process.


Let us know what process you might be interested in getting our assistance with.

1. Consultation: (Needs Assessment Phase)

Are you searching for ways to further engage your students with digital media, but are unsure about the options that are available? If so, then this is where you begin. You can schedule an initial consultation with a Digital Media Specialist who will assess your needs and assist you with developing a plan of action.


To schedule an initial consultation, click here Consult with Us


2. Pre-production: (The Conceptualization and Brainstorming Phase)

If you have met with a Digital Media Specialist for an initial consultation, the next phase of progression is the Pre-Production phase. This phase consists of two separate project categories; Production Assistance or Do It Yourself.


Production Assistance:

You can meet with a Digital Media Specialist who will assist you throughout the entirety of your production process from conceptualization to completion.


Do It Yourself:

You can visit the Do It Yourself – Best Practices section to view best practices for self-producing exceptional content at home.

The Pre-Production phase also involves the determination of a project type. You can choose to create course introduction videos, tutorials, demonstration videos, HD camera and simultaneous screen captures, and document camera video captures. You can also discuss alternate choices with the Digital Media Specialist if needed. To view examples of these projects visit the Examples] page.


3. Production:
(The Recording and Development Phase)

Production is the phase in which your project is brought to life. To begin the production process for your project, you will first need to schedule a recording session for either the Media Recording Booth or Digital Presentation Booth. To do so, click [Book it Now]. A Digital Media Specialist will contact you with further instructions.


4. Post-Production:
(The Visual Effects, Audio Engineering, and Completion Phase)

Post-Production is the phase in which you will meet with a Digital Media Specialist to discuss the finishing touches of your project. Next, a Digital Media Specialist will add supporting graphics, animations, and music to create the final product of your project.


5. Delivery: (The Content Distribution Phase)

In the Delivery phase you can determine the process that will allow students to access your content. The Instructional Design Unit currently utilizes three sources for media delivery. They are as follows:


Echo360 Lecture Capture:

Echo360 Lecture Capture is an automated system that allows you to schedule and record short personal recordings, as well as full lectures. Scheduled recordings provide the comfort of a hands-free process that automatically processes your content and renders it available for online student access. For more information visit [Echo360].



Ensemble is a web-based video repository that allows you to upload your video recordings, and share them via hyperlinks, playlists, or embedded code. For more information visit [Ensemble].


The Podcasting Server:

The Podcasting Server is a web-based video and audio repository that allows you to upload your video recordings, and share them via hyperlinks, channels, embedded code, or iTunes. For more information visit [The Podcasting Server].