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Information Security

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Security Education
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Svetlana Peltsverger, Ph.D.

I-SAFE Program

I-SAFE: Information Security Awareness For Everyone


The proposed I-SAFE program aims at bringing the attention of all users of SPSU information systems to information security issues and increasing their understanding of vulnerabilities and threats affecting the security of SPSU information systems. I-SAFE focuses on improving the security skills and competencies of students, faculty and staff in managing, designing, developing, and administering information systems.

The SPSU Center for Information Security Education (CISE) will maintain and conduct I-SAFE program to insure that all students and personnel within SPSU are aware of the information security policies and procedures, standards, and guidelines, as well as their individual duties and responsibilities for information security.  

Programs and Courses

  • Overall objectives of information security
  • Viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other malicious code
  • Information security policies, procedures, standards and guidelines
  • Legal and regulatory requirements for information security
  • E-mail security
  • Security and privacy issues in VoIP telephony
  • Current status of information security
  • Information security audit
  • Password management
  • Information security best practices

I-SAFE Orientation

New students, employees, consultants, contractors, and volunteers must receive information security awareness training and an information security packet at the time of admission or employment. The packet should contain information security guidelines and the SPSU Confidentiality Agreement Form, which must be signed. This form is to be retained by the authorizing departmental office and become a part of the individual’s file.

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