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What is hybrid and online classes?

Hybrid & Online

Most courses in ATT have been developed to include a 50% pre-recorded lecture and a 50% live component. The department expects to have all courses developed in this format in the next year. In a hybrid course, which is denoted by 8XX, the live session meets once per week at a designated day and time. For online courses, which is denoted by 9XX, the live session is conducted through Vista/Wimba and also meets once per week at a designated day and time. The live sessions, hybrid and online, are listed in the Schedule of Classes and most will be “converged” meaning both courses are on the same day and time.

Just as traditional campus courses, studies strongly indicate that regular class attendance directly correlates to student success. The pre-recorded sessions have proven to be very helpful to student learning since they are accessible 24/7. The online live sessions are archived for those online students who are not able to attend a live session. These archives are not intended for hybrid students but with the approval of the instructor can be accessed on a limited basis.

Class attendance and class participation are subject to the grading matrix which is at the discretion of the instructor. You should check with the instructor if you suspect attending classes on a regular may be a problem. Some courses may require attendance for certain sessions, either on campus or online, during the semester. Examples of required attendance could include project presentations and/or exams.   If you have a question or conflict you should contact the instructor before registering for the class.

Should you have any questions, please contact your advisor or department chair.