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Finding On Campus Employment
Students interested in working on campus can check the following resources to identify available positions:
  • Career and Counseling Center Student Employment Site
  • Financial Aid Office (for those eligible for College Workstudy Funds)
  • Departmental Postings (which should also be posted with the Career and Counseling Center)
  • The Office of Graduate Studies (for Graduate Assistantships)

Completing Student Employment In-Processing (1st Time Student Workers)
Once a position on campus has been secured, new/first time student employees must visit the Human Resources (HR) Office before starting to work.  During this initial visit to HR, the student will complete the following documents and processes:

  • Personal Data Sheet
  • Tax Forms
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment
  • Employment eligibility verification (eVerify process);  Students should review the listing of acceptable original documents which must be presented to complete eVerify.  The list of acceptable documents is available on page 9 of the Department of Homeland Security Form I-9 document.

In addition to completing the above referenced forms and eVerify process, students will also be provided with details on completing the following requirements which take additional time to set-up and can not be completed immediately upon hire.

  • Mandatory Ethics Training
  • Complete ADP Payroll System registration process; The ADP allows students to manage their personal information (such as direct deposit updates, address, telephone number, etc).  Students will also enter their hours worked within the ADP system.
  • Add eTime as a service to ADP profile;  eTime is the section within ADP which allows students to enter their hours worked each pay period.
To view and complete the student new hire packet, click on the icon below


Returning / Rehired Student Workers 

Students are only required to complete HR in-processing once.  If a student is rehired by the same department or hired by a new department in subsequent semesters, it is not necessary to complete HR paperwork again.  However, it is required that students add eTime as a service each semester.

International Student Employment Notice
Students who are not naturalized or U.S. Citizens must receive appropriate employment authorization, verification and clearance EACH SEMESTER. This may include issuance of an employment clearance letter and/or other documentation. 

  • Click HERE for the Supervisor's Employment Acknowledge Form which must be completed each semester

PLEASE NOTE:  Adhering to the proper procedures is critical to ensure both the student and the University remain in compliance.  Failing to obtain appropriate and timely authorization could result in:

  • Sanctions against the University
  • Loss of authorization to host international students
  • Voluntary departure and/or deportation

For questions or assistance related to the international student employment requirements, please contact the ATTIC:

  • Joe Mack Wilson Student Center;  Lower level (Suite 160)
  • Phone: 678/915-7361

Payroll Notables 
All students other than Graduate Assistants are hourly paid positions with bi-weekly pay dates;  Student hours worked must be entered and approved through ADP each pay period before the designated Payroll deadlines.  For more details and information on payroll deadlines, please review the SPSU Payroll Calendars.

For Questions or Assistance:
To complete student employment in-processing, visit the office of Human Resources:

  • Norton Hall Building R2 (next door to University Police)
  • Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm
  • 678/915-5334 (office)

For ADP or eTime Issues, please contact the University System of Georgia Shared Services Center:


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