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Separating Employees

The information below provides an overview of information and procedures for regular faculty and staff separating from employment with the University.  Separation may occur due to any of the following:

  • Resignation
  • Retirement
  • Termination for cause
  • Employment transfer to another University System of Georgia institution

Employee Responsibility:

  • Give Written Notice (Required)- Employees who are resigning (which includes accepting other employment within the USG) or retiring should give as much advance notice as possible.  A minimum of two weeks notice is requested when possible.  The employee’s written notice should be addressed to their supervisor’s attention with a copy or “cc” to Human Resources.
  • Complete the SPSU Separating Employee's Checklist (Required)– This document serves as official clearance for release of a separating employee’s vacation payout.  All employees separating for any reason are required to complete and submit this form.  All signatures must be obtained and the completed form should be returned to Human Resources once all signatures have been obtained.  An employee's final paycheck can not be processed until this form is returned with all signatures.  Also, vacation payouts (where applicable) will be processed separately to ensure that all outstanding obligations to the University have been satisfied.  Vacation payouts will be processed within 14 business days of receiving the Separating Employee's Checklist
  • Complete the University System of Georgia Exit Survey (Optional) – This is an online questionnaire which affords the separating employee an opportunity to share feedback on their employment experience.  Participation is optional and all responses are confidential.  Upon receiving notice of separation, the Human Resources Office will email the separating employee a personalized link inviting them to complete the exit survey.  Southern Polytechnic State University and the University System of Georgia are committed to ensuring that every employee has a positive, productive and rewarding experience while a part of the SPSU family.  As such, we strongly encourage all separating employees to participate in the survey as we value your feedback.
  • Schedule an Exit Interview meeting with Human Resources (Optional) – During this meeting, the Human Resources Office will share information on benefit options and other general information pertaining to out-processing from the University.
  • Ensure address and telephone number are up to date in ADP.  This is address to which any correspondences and the employee's vacation payout check will be mailed.

Department / Supervisor Responsibility:

  • Accept/Acknowledge Resignation (Required) – The separating employee’s supervisor should acknowledge that they’ve received the employee’s resignation.
  • Complete an Employee Information Form [EIF](Required)– This form is the official instrument used to remove the employee from the University’s Payroll.  Attach a copy of the employee’s resignation letter and the department’s acceptance letter to the form send through the normal route for processing.
  • Collect any departmental property and equipment issued (Required) – Once all property and /or equipment has been returned, sign off on the separating employee’s checklist.  If any items are not returned, please notify Human Resources in writing. 
  • Submit appropriate Human Resources related forms to initiate process of filling the vacancy.  This is at the department's discretion and can be done at whatever point the department wishes to open a search to fill the vacancy. 

Office of Human Resources / Payroll Responsibility:

  • Provide employee with information relative to benefits, their retirement account, etc.
  • Ensure access to the USG Exit Survey for employees resigning from the University
  • Provide employee with a State of Georgia Separation Notice
  • Process and mail final paycheck once the Separating Employee's Checklist is received
  • Conduct an out-processing / exit meeting with the employee (optional).  If an employee opts not to participate in an exit meeting, their separation information will be mailed to their home address on record in ADP.

Links to related forms and policies:

Contact the Office of Human Resources if there are any questions.

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