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Part Time Faculty

Once a position on campus has been secured, new employees must visit the Human Resources (HR) Office before starting to work.  During this initial visit to HR, the employee will complete the following documents and processes:
  • Personal Data Sheet
  • SSA
  • Tax Forms
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment
  • Employment eligibility verification (eVerify process);  employees should review the listing of acceptable original documents which must be presented to complete eVerify.  The list of acceptable documents is available on page 9 of the Department of Homeland Security Form I-9 document.

In addition to completing the above referenced forms and eVerify process, faculty will also be provided with details on completing the following requirements which take additional time to set-up and can not be completed immediately upon hire.

  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Mandatory Ethics Training
  • Right to Know Training
  • Security Questionnaire
  • Complete ADP Payroll System registration process; The ADP allows employees to manage their personal information (such as direct deposit updates, address, telephone number, etc). 
To view and complete the new hire packet, click on the icon below

Out of State Part Time Faculty

Faculty members who are teaching abroad please follow the instructions in the link below, regarding the I-9 process.

I-9 Instructions for Out of State Faculty


 Returning Part Time Faculty

Faculty are only required to complete HR in-processing once.  If an employee is rehired by the same department or hired by a new department in subsequent semesters, it is not necessary to complete the HR in-processing again. 

Payroll Notables 
All Part Time Faculty are monthly employees paid 4 times each semester at the end of the month.  For more details and information on payroll deadlines, please review the SPSU Payroll Calendars.

Georgia Defined Contribution Plan

The purpose of the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan (also referred to as DEFCON) is to provide a retirement system for temporary, seasonal, and part-time employees of the University System of Georgia.  Program participation is mandatory for all part-time temporary faculty and staff other than those who meet very limited exclusion provisions.

To create or access your account or for more details visit the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan website at:

To request a refund:

Participants may either initiate the refund request on-line or complete the Refund Application and submit it to the Human Resources office for process.

For Questions or Assistance:

To complete employment in-processing, visit the office of Human Resources:

  • Norton Hall Building R2 (next door to University Police)
  • Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm
  • 678/915-7331 (office)

For ADP or eTime Issues, please contact the University System of Georgia Shared Services Center: