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Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residence Life

Building R10

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Phone: 678-915-7335

Email: housing@spsu.edu

Email: reslife@spsu.edu


Office Hours:


8:00am to 5:00pm


How do I apply for on-campus housing?
You can apply for housing through BannerWeb. If you are an upperclassman you will select your space as part of the application. If you are an incoming freshman you will only submit your room preference and your assignment will be emailed to you in June. There is a $200 non-refundable application fee that needs to be paid to complete your application. Please see our FAQ about how to pay for housing for payment information

I am an older First-Year Freshmen, do I have to live in a Residence Hall?
First-Year Freshman who are 20-years of age or older, must pick a space in either our on-campus apartments or Hornet Village Suites. All traditional First-Year Freshmen who are 19-years of age or younger are required to live in our First-Year Housing (Howell Hall or Hornet Village Building 200).

Is there a deadline to apply for student housing?
No, there is no deadline to apply for on-campus housing. We do have a priority deadline for First-Year Freshman, which is June 1st.  We accept housing applications on an ongoing basis throughout the year.  Please see Room Sign-up Information for details.

When will I know where I have been assigned?
If you are an upperclassman you will select your space as part of the application. If you are an incoming freshman you will only submit your room preference and your assignment will be emailed to you in June.

How are assignments made?
First-Year Freshman room assignments are made based upon date of application and roommate compatibility. If you are an upperclassman the room that you select on-line will be your room assignment and if changes are made to that assignment you will be contacted.

How can I change my room assignment?
Current residents may request to change rooms by filling out the following form:


When do I move in?
Move-in is typically scheduled no more than 3-days prior to the start of each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer). Students will receive email notifications regarding the move-in process, and information will be posted on our website.

When do I have to pay for my housing?
Housing and meal plan costs are due in full by the tuition deadline at the beginning of each semester, along with tuition and fees. SPSU offers a payment plan if you need that assistance.  Information on SPSU’s payment plan is available through the Business Office’s website: /fiscalaffairs/paymentplan.htm

How do I pay for my housing?
Payments may be made in person at the Southern Polytechnic State University Business Office, Online through BannerWeb, or by mail to the University Business Office.

Can I have a vehicle on campus?
Yes, Residents are permitted to have vehicles on-campus. All students will receive information on how to apply for parking online.

Do I have to purchase a meal plan if I live on campus?
If you live in Howell Hall, Hornet Village 100 or Hornet Village 200 there is a meal plan requirement. Apartment Residents are not required to purchase a meal plan, but there are several great options available to you.

What is included in my housing payments?
All utilities (heat, electric, water)
- Cable TV with several HD channels and a movie channel
- High Speed Internet Service
- Free laundry
- Use of common area facilities (lounge areas, study rooms, community space)

Can I live in my room during the times the university is not operating (i.e. Spring Break, Winter Break, Summer Break)?
Unless otherwise posted all of our housing areas are open year-round.  Students are only required to vacate at the end of their contract.  Students living in Howell Hall, Hornet Village 100 or Hornet Village 200 will need to vacate after final exams in May.  Students living in our apartment areas will need to vacate after final exams in July/August.  We do offer housing to those students moving out Howell Hall, Hornet Village 100 or Hornet Village 200 over the summer in our campus suites at an additional cost. Apartment residents who do not reserve their same space for the next year will be required to vacate at the end of the summer semester.

If items are broken, stolen or damaged while living on-campus will Housing replace it?
University Housing is not responsible for the replacement of any item damaged, stolen or otherwise broken while you reside on campus.  We highly recommend students investigate renter's insurance while they live on campus.  There are many reputable companies out there.

Come visit our office for a pamphlet regarding a specific insurance company

Please use the following websites as a starting reference:



Where do I receive my mail?
The University Post Office is located on the lower level of the Joe Mack Student Center. Mailboxes are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. If you would like a mailbox you will need to sign up with the University Post Office.

Can I have a guest overnight?
Residents residing in Howell Hall, Hornet Village 200 and double-occupancy suites in Hornet Village 100 are not permitted to have overnight guests.  Residents living in single-ocupancy suites in Hornet Village 100 and our apartment areas are allowed to have overnight guests with the following stipulations: your roommate(s) must agree that it is okay for your guest to be there, and your guests may not stay more than three nights in a 30-day period.

What cable channels are available on campus?
Channel Lineup List 

How do I cancel my Housing Contract?
Residents who need to cancel their contract to live on campus MUST request to terminate their contract.  Residents are not guaranteed approval of their request.  Link is provided below:


How do I change my meal plan preference?
Residents can request to adjust their plan preferences through the following website: