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Move Outs

Fall 2014 Move Outs

Thanks for living with us this fall!  Our annual Fall Move-Out will take place December 8 through December 10.  All residents who do not have a contract with us past the semester (including graduates) MUST be completely checked out of their assigned place by 4pm December 10.  Any resident who stays past 4pm December 10, 2014 will be held responsible for a $100 Improper Check-Out Fee plus a $100 charger per every extra day stayed.

Sign up for a move out appointment ONLINE. The link below to select a check-out slot.


The access code will be sent to your email account on November 1, 2014   Please check for our email.

In between studying for exams, you should complete the move out checklist which highlights any items you should complete prior to your checkout.  Any damages and uncleanliness left behind is subject to charge - please view our chargeable items list.

When your checkout day and time arrives, just wait in your room and we will come to you!  An RA will complete your checkout assessment, take your room key, and then you’re good to go!

As a warning, we recommend that you sign up for your checkout day and time as soon as possible.  The good time slots will fill up quickly and you don’t want to be out of luck.  Any resident who does not sign up for a checkout time will be charged an improper checkout fee of $100 and will NOT have the right to appeal any charges incurred during checkout.   Each resident must be present for their check out appointment and cannot have anyone else complete the checkout for them.

Last day to make any changes to your appointment is 8am December 5.  Any changes after this date will be considered an IMPROPER CHECK OUT at a cost of $100 to the resident.  Please remember to talk to your roommates about your move-out plans to decide who will be responsible for cleaning common area spaces (bathrooms, sinks, cabinets, etc.).   Please contact our office with any questions. 

Move Out Check List  Chargeable Items List

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