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Honors Curriculum

Honors students have a number of  course options for completing their honors course work.  University Honors Scholars must complete 18 hours of coursework.  At least six of the hours need to be at the 3000 or 4000 level.  Here are options students can take for Honors credit.

Honors Core Coursework (1000 and 2000 level):  All of the following classes are part of the core curriculum.  By taking these courses students not only satisfy their core classes, but also satisfy honors credit.

Honors Composition I and II                        
Honors Calculus I and II
Honors Literature  
Honors Principles of Physics I and II
Honors Chemistry I                                        
Honors Science, Technology and Society Courses
Honors Speech                                                
Honors World Religions
Honors Art Appreciation                              
Honors Drama Appreciation
Honors Psychology                                        
Honors U.S. History II
Honors World Civilizations--Ancient            
Honors World Civilizations--Modern

Honors Research Classes:  The two classes in this category can be taken at the 2000-level (Honors Introduction to Research) and at the 3000 level (Honors Research).  These classes may count as electives in the field of study.

Honors Interdisciplinary Coursework (3000 level):  These classes focus on a theme that runs across a variety of major fields.  The current options are as follows.  These classes may count as electives in the field of study.

Honors Intelligent Robotics 
Honors City as Text 
Honors Interpersonal Communication
Honors Bringing a New Product to Market
Honors Ethics as Moral Imagination

Honors Peer Mentoring (3000 level):  Students can help mentor other students for the honors program, for other academic programs, or for groups such as Housing, Student Affairs, and the ATTIC.

Honors Teaching Assistance (3000 level):  Students can assist professors with the teaching of a lower-level course that they have already taken and have passed with an "A."

Honors Capstone and Thesis (4000 level):  Students must take the Honors Thesis and Capstone class in order to graduate with an honors degree.  These classes ask students to write a thesis or a capstone paper that will be bound and placed in the library.  Each student will also receive a bound copy of their work as well.  Students should click on the following link to determine whether they will write a thesis or a capstone paper:  Honors Thesis or Capstone Depending on Major Field. 

Students should make themselves familiar with the Guidelines for Capstone and Thesis Projects. 

To view faculty course proposal information concerning the honors curriculum, please go to Course Proposals.

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