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shannon and nathan guides
Above:  Nathan Akins and Shannon Hames of Guides on Your Side

There are numerous ways in which we educate ourselves.  One way we do so is through taking classes in college; however, education is also gained through life and job experience.    About one third of the students in the honors program are students who are getting a second degree in a new field, who have already held jobs, or who have lots of life experience that they can share.  This part of the honors website is headed is the result of such students.  Nathan Atkins, Cole Borton, and Shannon Hames have helped to determine the type of advice that appears on this part of the website.  Teya Henry and Timothy Dow have joined them as Guides honors students can email. The advice is less about doing well in coursework and more about doing well on your journey through life.  Life has many twists and turns—it’s smart to have a guide you know to be on your side as you take your journey.

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