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Honor Code: Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

What should a faculty member do with a completed allegation of academic misconduct form?
Give it to your department chair, along with copies of evidence and any other supporting documentation.
What does the department chair do with it?
What the chair does depends upon the student's response.  If the student denies the allegation, then the chair makes a determination of fact, agreeing with the student or the faculty member.  If the chair determines that the student has not committed misconduct, then the matter ends with the chair informing student and faculty member of that finding.  The chair should destroy the form.  If the chair determines that the student did commit misconduct, then the student may, but need not, appeal to the dean, who also makes a determination.  The final appeal, except in cases of expulsion, is to the Honor Council.  That appeal should go to the chair of the Honor Council.

If the student admits the allegation and accepts the penalty, the chair may increase the penalty (unilaterally) if there are other instances of misconduct.  If the chair does so, he or she  must notify the student, who should not be surprised.  If there are no other instances, the penalty is applied and the form goes to the Registrar, who will make the form a part of the paper record and make the appropriate Banner entry.  (It's probably courteous for the chair to let your Dean know.)

Only if the penalty is more harsh than the guidelines, the student may appeal (to the chair, first) on the basis of harshness.  The chair determines whether the circumstances warrant the increased penalty.  As with the student who denies the offense, the appeal chain is to Dean and Honor Council.

All cases where the recommended penalty is expulsion from the University are appealed automatically to the Honor Council and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.
Can I apply a more severe penalty to graduate students?
Determination of penalty is up to the faculty member.  Please remember that a penalty more severe than those in the guidelines can be appealed for harshness by the student, and should be justified when you submit the form to your chair.  Best advice: talk to your chair beforehand.  It may be that "Because the offender is a graduate student" is enough justification in your department and school.

Originally published: 2013-10-05
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