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Master of Science Program in Computer Science Degree Requirements


Course Title


CS 6023

Research Methods and Presentations


CS 6123

Theory and Implementation of Programming Languages


CS 6153

Advanced Database Systems


CS 6223

Advanced Computer System Architecture


CS 6413

Theory of Computation


CS 6423

Algorithmic Processes


SWE 6623

Software Engineering I


Computer Science Electives


Total For The Program


Select 5 graduate courses from the following list, including at least 2 with a CS prefix.

  • All 6000 and 7000 CS and SWE courses with the exception of SWE 7903 – Software Engineering Capstone.
  • No more than one of the following or other approved IT courses: IT 6643, IT 6663, IT 6683, IT6753, and IT 6763.
  • A course at the 6000 level or above that is offered by another program with the approval of the CS Department Chair.

**Note that, although a thesis is NOT required, a thesis option is available, which requires a student to take six credits of CS 7803 – Master's Thesis as part of his/her electives.

*** Note that a maximum of 9 total semester hours of "approved" transfer credit may be counted toward the MSCS degree.

An overall GPA of 3.0 ("B") or better is required over all graduate coursework attempted.

In all graduate programs, a minimum of a 3.0 G.P.A. is required. No grades below 'C' may be applied to a graduate program's requirements, and a maximum of 2 'C' grades at the level of 6000 or above may be applied to a graduate program's requirements.

Transition Courses

The following transition courses may be required for provisional acceptance students. These courses may not be used to satisfy degree requirements.

CS 5123

Advanced Programming and Data Structures


CS 5153

Database Systems


CS 5183

Object-Oriented Programming


CS 5223

Computer Architecture


CS 5243

Operating Systems


CS 5423

Mathematical Structures for Computer Science


NOTE: Some students may be advised to start with the undergraduate CSE 1301 – Programming & Problem Solving I course.



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