Southern Polytechnic State University

Graduate Academic Catalog 2012-2013

Information Design and Communication Graduate Courses

IDC 5001 Writing in the Professions


Introduction to the conventions of professional written discourse for graduate-level work. Course reviews grammar, style and writing for students who demonstrate weak writing skills or for students without writing-intensive undergrad degrees. Also introduces writing for areas of information design, content development, visual thinking and instructional design. Taken the first semester of enrollment in the MSIDC, MSIID and certificate in Technical Communication programs.

IDC 5002 Graphics in the Profession


For students without page layout or graphic backgrounds: introduction to the conventions of professional graphics and document layout for graduate-level work. Course reviews industry standard page layout and graphic application skills such as initial setting up of documents, creating styles, adding graphics and graphic elements; creating and manipulating elementary digital graphics in both raster and vector formats, including changing color modes, resolving resolution issues, and choosing correct file formats; understanding different types of graphs and how to create them and when to use them; and identifying copyright issues.

Table of Contents