Southern Polytechnic State University

Graduate Academic Catalog 2011-2012

Student Housing

With the addition of newly built and acquired apartment units, SPSU now offers nearly 1200 on-campus beds for student housing. In addition to providing a convenient and economical "home", on-campus living also meets a student's physical needs of shelter, comfort, and attractive surroundings. Living on campus contributes to the educational development of each student through exposure to students of varied backgrounds, experiences, and personal philosophies. The Director of Residence Life, who is assisted by a professional staff from the Ambling Management Company and paraprofessional student staff, supervises the Residence Life program. The primary function of the residence life staff is to create and maintain a desirable environment for all residents.


All students who have applied for admission to Southern Polytechnic State University and who have requested information about on-campus housing will be sent an application. Since space is limited, it is important to make requests for housing early. A request for housing consists of:

  • The completed and returned Residence Life lease agreement
  • A $100 application fee

The application and fee should be sent to the University's Residence Life Office. However, completing the request does not guarantee housing will be assigned. When the lease agreement and deposit have been received, a notification of housing status will be sent by Residence Life.

The Director of Residence Life is responsible for all room assignments. Preferences for a specific residence hall or apartment will be honored whenever possible. Mutual roommate requests should be so marked on the lease agreements of both students. Consideration of a roommate request will be given providing the request is mutual and space is available.