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Faculty & Staff

Associate Professor in Civil and Construction Engineering
678 - 915 – 5491,

Dr. Kim
Dr. Kim is an associate professor in Civil and Construction Engineering at the Southern Polytechnic State University. Dr. Kim received his M.S from Georgia Tech and Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. Dr. Kim is specialized in infrastructures assessment and rehabilitation, pavement design, construction, and performance evaluation, and pavement related materials, and construction materials. Dr. Kim has conducted research in the fields of pavement materials, geotechnical and transportation engineering. He has more than 15 years of professional experience as a professional in those areas and conducted research for a variety of Federal, State, and local government agencies.  Dr. Kim have published over 40 journal papers and reports on construction material and pavement technology and he has managed about $200,000 annual research funding since the Georgia Pavement and Traffic Research Center was established. 
Assistant Professor in Civil and Construction Engineering
678 - 915 – 3018,
Dr. Yang is an assistant professor in Civil and Construction Engineering at the Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU). His specialty is in Transportation Engineering.  Dr. Yang is a professional engineer with over a decade of combined research and industrial experience.  Dr. Yang has a broad range of research interests that often involve interdisciplinary collaborations. Over the past decade, Dr. Yang's research has been focused on several areas, including pavement performance modeling, pavement management, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), traffic operations and simulation, highway safety, roadway geometric design, uncertainty modeling of transportation infrastructure, quantitative methods in engineering, and decision support systems. Prior to joining the SPSU, Dr. Yang served as Program Manager for the City of Chattanooga's ITS program and has directly overseen multiple ITS contracts, in exceedance of $11 million, funded by Federal Highway Administration and Tennessee Department of Transportation.
Assistant Professor in Civil and Construction Engineering
Dr. Seo
Before Dr. Seo joined SPSU in 2014, he was a pavement engineer at Turner Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC) in Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Deputy Research Director at Expressway and Transportation Research Institute, Korea Expressway Corporation (KEC).  Dr. Seo has conducted lots of full scale pavement testing and field experiments both in FHWA and KEC. His research interests lie in both laboratory and full scale evaluation of road and pavement structures. Dr. Seo has characterized the cracking (fracture and fatigue) performance of asphalt concrete and investigated the localized damage initiation/propagation under various time and temperature conditions using Digital Image Correlation (DIC). 
Associate Professor in Mechanical and Systems Engineering
678 - 915 – 6855,

Dr. Ruhala is an Associate Professor at SPSU since 2010 in the Mechanical Engineering program, within the Systems & Mechanical Engineering Department. He received BS in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University and Ph.D. in Acoustic from Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Ruhala's research interest is in pavement/tire interaction noise, transportation noise, vuvuzela noise, and environmental noise

Associate Professor in Mechanical and Systems Engineering
Dr. Khalid's research focuses on application of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) into transportation and pavement engineering fields. Also, Dr. Khalid's research is to design, build, and fly an Autonomous Aerial Patrol and Surveillance System (APSS). His goal is to create a safe autonomous UAV system that is equipped with visual, infrared, and heat seeking cameras. The autonomous feature of the vehicle will eliminate the need to actively control the vehicle at all times. The operator will have the campus map on a mobile device e.g. iPad. The operator will be able to point on the map, which will send a command to the vehicle to fly to the corresponding location on the map and hover or loiter there to send live video feedback. 

Assistant Professor in Electrical and Mechatronics Engineering
678 - 915 – 3004,
Dr. McFall serves as an assistant professor in the Mechatronics Engineering program. He holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, MIT, and Georgia Tech, respectively. With interests in artificial intelligence, he has significant research experience in intelligent transport systems and computational science, having developed a prototype winter road condition sensor using image and acoustic data for the Swedish Transport Administration. His current line of research involves autonomous vehicles, currently developing a go-cart-sized self-driving vehicle. Dr. McFall has given invited lectures at workshops connected with the Transportation Research Board’s annual meeting and published over 15 scholarly articles.
Associate Professor in Electrical and Mechatronics Engineering
678 - 915 – 5574,

Dr. Diong is an associate professor in the Electrical Engineering program at Southern Polytechnic State University. He received his BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). Thereafter, he was employed by Sundstrand Aerospace (now UTC Aerospace Systems) to perform research, design and development work on electric power generation, motor drive, power converter and magnetic bearing systems. In addition, he supported programs such as Boeing’s 777 airliner, 767 AWACS and RAH-66 helicopter; Northrop’s B2 bomber and Lockheed’s F22 fighter. After 3½ years in industry, he returned to academia and has been there since. His research experience and interests lie within the broad area of power and energy; in particular, solar and wind energy systems, fuel cell systems, energy harvesting systems and electric transportation. At this point in time, he has authored or co-authored slightly more than 80 refereed journal and conference papers. In addition, he has been the PI or co-PI on over $1 million in grants obtained from entities such as the NSF, AFOSR, BMDO, EPA, Ford, and El Paso Electric. 

Assistant Professor in Electrical and Mechatronics Engineering
678 - 915 – 7317,
Dr. Ying Wang is an assistant professor in Mechatronics Engineering at Southern Polytechnic State University. His research interests are application of robotics, controls, mechatronics, computer vision and machine learning into Pavement and Transportaiton Engineering. He has published more than 40 journal and conference papers in the above areas. He received the Ph.D. degree in robotics and mechatronics from The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2008. He also received his master’s degree (1999) and bachelor’s degree (1991) from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. Before he came to SPSU, he ever worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in The University of British Columbia for one year.
Thomas R. Currin, Ph.D., P.E.
Dean of Engineering
Founding Director or Georgia Pavement Research Center
678 - 915 – 7482,



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