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Summer 2012 Jump Start

Welcome to SPSU Games JumpStart!

Like playing games? Want to make your own games for the PC and Xbox360 or Playstation Vita?

Earn college credit and JumpStart your college career Summer 2013!

JumpStart program @ SPSU - Mondays through Thursdays, June 24 – July 25

Learn to make PlayStation Vita, Android Tablet, and PC games like this one...

Showing side-scrolling shooter game with aliens and collision detection

SPSU offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Game Design and Development (CGDD), and we’re looking for the best and brightest students to join us for a JumpStart this summer. Get ahead of the curve for your degree by taking specially-designed classes that apply to the BS in CGDD.

Start your morning off by playing and building board games; have lunch with new friends; and then take it to the next level in the afternoon by programming new games. At the end of the month, you’ll have at least three games that you’ve built, and you’ll have earned seven college credits!

Fundamentals of Game Design: Learn the core concepts of what makes a game enjoyable by playing, analyzing, and designing board games; since no programming is required, you can focus on game mechanics. We study seminal games like Diablo, Archon, Madden, Rogue, Super Meat Boy, Fallout, GTA, Pokémon, and Metal Gear Solid. Then you build your own and make them better by playing them.

Game-based Programming: Learn core concepts of programming and computer science (the same that are required of all freshmen in a computer science 1 course), but do it while you build a platformer, a shooter, and an arcade game. We’ll start from the ground up and teach you how to generate sprites and audio, use the Xbox controller in your games, and build levels for your game. You can re-create games like Zelda, Super Mario Brothers, and Pac-Man, or chart your own course with your own game.

We also offer options for non-games majors. Earn college credit for required courses of all majors. We’ll offer the following courses this summer as well: English Composition, American Government, and Global Issues.

Live on campus with a full dining plan. Events are planned for the weekends as well - so you get integrated into SPSU's community with other students.  You get access to all the learning and the fun, evening events we have planned. You’ll enjoy a JumpStart on your studies, meet new friends, and have amazing stories to tell about your college life in Summer 2013.

This isn’t just another summer camp. You’re a fully enrolled college student at SPSU with a JumpStart toward your full four-year Bachelor’s degree!

Participants must be seniors completing their high school studies and must apply to SPSU.

To learn more about past JumpStart summers, read this article (on page 12) in the SPSU Magazine.

Earn 7 college credits towards your CGDD, CS, or SWE degree:

  • SPSU 1001 – Hitchhikers Guide to SPSU                              (1 credit)
  • CSE 1301C – Programming & Problem Solving I with lab     (4 credits)
  • CGDD 2002 – Fundamentals of Game Design                     (2 credits)

 All of these courses are required of CGDD majors and also usable for graduation for CS, SWE, and IT majors.

Classes meet Monday through Thursday

  • SPSU 1001             Mon-Thurs      9am to 9:50am
  • CGDD 2002             Mon-Wed       10am to 11:40am
  • CSE 1301C             Mon-Thurs      1pm to 2:55pm
  • CSE 1301C Lab       Mon-Wed        3pm to 4:40pm

Lunch is provided.


  • Tuition**                                             $1,937
  • Mandatory Fees (including lab)         $711
  • Workshop Fee                                   $200
  • Books (Approximately)                      $25
  • Room & Board (Optional if local)       $1600

**Partially covered by HOPE

Enrollment is limited to 50 students, so please sign up early if you are interested.

DEADLINE to sign up is May 10, 2012 or the first 50 students.

Register on-line at


  1. Deadline to apply - May 10
  2. Pay or have HOPE by - June 25
  3. Jump Start Orientation – June 20
  4. First Class - June 24
  5. Last Class - July 25

Questions:  Please email or call Nicole Banks at 770 359 8864.