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First Year Composition

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English 1101

English 1101 is the first of two comp classes required for graduation. Students generally take this course their first semester here. In this course, you’ll become a better reader, writer, thinker, and communicator.  You will learn to write for all kinds of settings and situations and you will strengthen the skills you need to succeed as a student and later in life.

So…what exactly will you learn?
  • How to write about ideas that matter
  • How to organize your thoughts
  • How to express your thoughts intelligently
  • How to write for different purposes, audiences and contexts
  • How to edit your writing
  • How to research something that interests you
  • How to write effectively within digital spaces

What will you do in English 1101?

Although our classes all focus on shared principles, no two are the same because of our team of creative, innovative instructors.  Here are some of the activities you might experience:

  • Write
  • Create a portfolio
  • Keep a journal
  • Read interesting articles
  • Work collaboratively
  • Openly discuss ideas
  • Compose multimodal texts
  • Get to know your instructor one-on-one

English 1101 Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate effective use of a range of rhetorical strategies in composing for different audiences, purposes, and contexts
  • Draft, revise, and edit at a level of proficiency appropriate for first year college writers
  • Work effectively with source material in support of the main point of an essay
  • Produce extemporaneous in-class writing at a level of proficiency appropriate for first year college writers

Honors Program

Check out our Honors Program that starts with your ENGL 1101 class. If you’re an Honors student, ask your advisor about the Honors section of English 1101.
Information about your class

Lost your syllabus? Need to know what books to buy? Need to know when that paper is due? Get course and contact information for your teacher by finding your instructor’s name in the faculty directory.

Writing is real

According to a national survey of 120 major corporations, writing is a “threshold skill” for getting a job and getting ahead once you’re employed. Most companies take writing skill into account during the hiring process.


Because most employees in most industries write as a day-to-day part of their job. Email, PowerPoint presentations, memos, and formal reports are universal in the workplace.

Find out more about the value of writing skill from the National Commission on Writing’s report, Writing: A Ticket to Work…Or a Ticket Out.