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First Year Composition

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All teachers have the opportunity to choose from a list of approved textbooks. The textbooks range in approach, but all address the program objectives outlined in the syllabi. Sample copies of these textbooks can be checked out from the main office.

Refer to the publisher websites for information on these textbooks to narrow down your choices. Sample copies can also be checked out from the Program Assistant.


Ordering Books

You are responsible for giving the Bookstore the necessary information needed to order textbooks, such as author, ISBN #, and publisher. You may order textbooks from the SPSU Bookstore webpage. You will need to order a desk copy, as well, by contacting the publisher. If you need assistance, the department can help you.


Required Book for English 1101 and 1102

The following book is required for both English 1101 and English 1102:


Additional Books for English 1101

Choose one of the books listed below.


Additional Books for English 1102

Choose one of the books listed below.