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First Year Composition

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All teachers in the program must address the objectives and requirements outlined in the 1101 syllabus template and 1102 syllabus template. Download the appropriate template to begin building your course syllabus. Once your syllabus is completed and approved, you should distribute it to students on the first day of classes.

We require teachers to create their own supplemental sheets which address absence policies, office hours, evaluation methods, classroom activities, conference policies, homework assignments, etc.

You can review sample syllabi provided by the composition faculty for ideas or inspiration when planning your own class.


The more specific information you include in these materials the better. All teachers should submit a copy of this additional information to the Composition Program Director and the Program Assistant the first week of classes.

Note: If this is your first time teaching, or you are trying a new approach, work with the Composition Program Director to develop you class. Send early drafts (via email) to the Director for feedback approval.


Course Outcomes, Data Collection and Assessment Matrix

All course outcomes must be listed verbatim in your syllabus. It is very important that you follow all data collection procedures listed in the following document:

Upon successful completion of ENGL 1101, students will:

  1. Demonstrate effective use of a range of rhetorical strategies in composing for different audiences, purposes, and contexts
  2. Draft, revise, and edit at a level of proficiency appropriate for first year college writers
  3. Work effectively with source material in support of the main point of an essay
  4. Produce extemporaneous in-class writing at a level of proficiency appropriate for first year college writers

Assessment Grid


Don’t Forget!

You must submit your syllabus and supplemental sheets to the Composition Program Director and Department Secretary before the semester begins.