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Faculty Standing Committee Membership

This page will be updated soon to reflect the current membership of the various faculty standing committees for AY 2014-2015.



AY 2013-2014

October 24, 2013

Officers of the Faculty

Faculty Moderator Meighan Dillon

Vice Moderator–Tom Rotnem

Secretary to the Faculty – Joel Fowler

Parliamentarian – Edward Dollar

Faculty Senate

One member from each department; departments with 15 or more faculty get two. Ex-officio members: President, VPAA, AVPAA, VPSES, Deans, SGA President


Name, Department Term Began

Name, Department Term Began

Steven Edwards, MATH F12

Russ Patrick, PHYS F13

Simin Nasseri , MET F12

Stacey Grant-Williams , SIS F13

Shariar Makarechi, CM F12 (on leave F13, substitute: Debra White)

Rajnish Singh , BC F13

Tom Rotnem, SIS F12

Rich Halstead-Nussloch, IT F13

Muhammad Obeidat, BA F12

Matt Wilson, CET F13

Kami Anderson, ETCMA F12

Erin Grant, LIB F13

Mir Atiqullah, SME F12

Nancy Reichert, ECTMA F13

Edward Dollar, IET F12

C. C. Hung, CSWE F13

Michael Carroll, ARCH F12

L.R. Ritter, MATH F13

Chan Ham, EME F12

Mikhail Melnik, BA F13

Jeff Wagner, ECET F12


Sung-Hee Kim, CCE F12


Jeff Chastine, CSWE F12


Christopher Welty, ARCH F12



Student Life

Four members at large. Other members: Dean of Students; a staff member from the Business Office; President, VP, & Sec./Treas. Of SGA; three non-SGA students appointed by SGA President


**Wasim Barham, @large F12

Ying Wang, @large (EME) F13

*Peter Sakaris, @large (BC) F12

Jeff Greene, @large, (ECTMA) F13


Faculty Council

Six members at large; must be full-time SPSU faculty for at least 5 years and get two nominations


Mike Thackston, @large (PHYS) F12

Pam Frinzi, @large (ECET) F13

L. R. Ritter, @large (MATH) F12

Mark Stevens, @large (ECTMA) F13

William Griffiths, @large (MATH) F12


Liz Martin, @large (ARCH) F12



Undergraduate Student Status Committee

One member per school, two at large; Ex-officio members: Registrar, Director of Admissions, Dean of Students, Academic Deans


Bob Harbort, CSE (IT) F13

*William Griffiths, @ large (Math) F13

Matt Weand, A&S (BC) F12

**Carl Snook, @large (SIS) F13

Keely Clay, ETM (IET) F12

Kathryn Bedette (ACM) F13


Yusun Chang, SoE (EME) F13


Graduate Programs Committee

One from each department with graduate degree programs; Ex-officio members: Academic Deans, Library Director


Bill Bailey, IET F12

Ermal Shpuza, ARCH F 13

*Sandra Vasa-Sideris, BA F12

Pavankumar Meadati, CM F 13

**Svetlana Peltsverger, IT F12

Jonathan Lartigue , CSWE F 13

Adeel Khalid, SME F12

Craig Chin, ECET F 13


Laura Beth Daws, ETCMA F 13


Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

One member from each degree-granting department; Ex-officio members: Academic Deans, VPAA, Registrar, Library Director


Shannon Shumate, BA F12

Leigh Sharma , SIS F13

Fatih Oncul, CET F12

Michael Thackston, PHYS F13

Charner Register, CM F13

Florian Misoc , ECET F13

**Michael Franklin, CSWE F13

Laura Palmer, ETCMA F13

Chi Zhang, IT F12

Christina Scherrer, IET F13

Pyo-Yoon Hong, ARCH F12

Randy Emert, MET F13

*Jennifer Vandenbussche, MATH F12

 Yongli Ma, Library

Lu Kang, BC F12


Rich Ruhala, SME F12


Metin Oguzmert, CCE F12


Kevin McFall, EME F12



Information Technology Advisory Committee

One member from each department; Ex-officio members: CIO, Academic Deans


Roger Soiset, SIS F12

**Walt Thain, ECET F13

Greg Wiles, IET F12

Amine Khayati , BA F13

Simin Nasseri, MET F12

Jack Zheng, IT F13

Aaron Wimer, LIB F12

Nicolae Pascu, MATH F13

Wei Zhou, BC F12


Hussein Abaza, CM F13


Bob Harbort, CSWE F12


Luminda Kulasiri, PHYS F12


Joshep Choma, ARCH F12


Mohammed Karim, CCE F12


Bill Diong, EME F12


*M. S. Mayeed, SME F12


John Lee, CET F12


Keith Hopper, ECTMA F12



*= chair