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Graduate Degree and Certificate Programs

Explore the online graduate program options in the English, Technical Communication & Media Arts department that allow you to transform your career.

Our department is the home for the following graduate offerings:

Master of Science Degrees

We offer two Master of Science (MS) degrees: 

  • Information Design and Communication (IDC)
  • Information and Instructional Design (IID)

Our specialized degrees offer a curriculum that delivers cutting-edge courses and content to students. Both of our degrees acknowledge that many fields are changing due to technological advancements, evolving communication practices, and dynamic business models. As a result, we've created programs that prepare students to meet these new challenges head on.

The Information Design and Communication (IDC) program began as a technical communication master's. Today, the core competencies of our degree remain predicated on best practices in technical communication. However, we've taken our offerings to the next level with courses that prepare communicators to take on the management and leadership roles that define the future of the profession.

The Information and Instructional Design (IID) program sees the important linkage between technical communication and instructional design. As the only degree of its kind, the IID melds two well-established fields and creates an opportunity to advance corporate training in new and exciting directions. 

Graduate Certificates: Introductory and Advanced

We offer six certificates design for people who already hold a bachelor's degree:

  • Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication (Introductory)
  • User Experience (Advanced)
  • Communications Project Management (Advanced)
  • Visual Communication (Advanced)
  • Content Strategy (Advanced)
  • Instructional Design (Advanced)

Graduate certificates combine our degree-level courses into a specialized credential. With only 6 required courses, a graduate certificate accelerates your learning experience.