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SPSU eCitizenship Initiative

For the past three years, we have pursued increased community engagement at SPSU through use of electronic tools such as social media.  Initially, we started a grand and all-encompassing project that was centrally managed; it required students to use traditional approaches to engage with the university thereby making them come to where we on the faculty and administration are; it failed by imploding of its own mass. In reviewing the failure, we noticed that many small efforts were thriving. Each of these efforts was initiated and fostered locally and with no or minimal resource investment; each of them relied significantly on electronic media, such as email and discussion boards, thereby allowing us on the faculty and administration to meet students where they were through social media. Seeing that, we have changed our approach to focus on facilitating many local and smaller projects of engagement, which are built on an infrastructure of technology, such as social media.  These projects originate at all levels and segments of the university, especially from students. This experience has positively influenced the electronic citizenship of our campus.

Resources for a campus eCitizenship Initiative are at