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Withdrawing A Class

The content on this website applies to eCore Summer 2015 semester only. KSU eCore information for Fall 2015 and future semesters is now available at

Fall 2015 semester registration will open in Owl Express on April 1, 2015.

Withdrawing from a class occurs following the Drop/Add period. You will receive a "W" if you withdraw before the eCore Midpoint (usually different from SPSU Midpoint). Please see the eCore Academic Calendar for correct withdrawal dates. After the deadline, you will receive a "WF." You will be monetarily responsible for the cost of that class unless you have completely withdrawn from school, and then it will be pro-rated. You should speak with your academic advisor concerning how the withdrawal may affect you.

  1. Click here to begin the withdrawal process for SPSU eCore.

  2. You will find the official SPSU withdrawal policy. If you still wish to withdraw, then click "Yes, I understand and wish to withdraw."

  3. The eCore Withdrawal Form will appear. YOU MUST complete this form and submit it. The eCore Withdrawal Form is different than the SPSU withdrawal form. No other withdrawal method will be accepted. You only need to fill out the form once, please. Emails and phone calls will not be accepted as official withdrawal methods from eCore.

  4. You will be withdrawn from your eCore class in Banner once Extended University and the Registrar's Office receive that official notice. This could take a couple of days. You will then lose access to your class, but your class will still be listed. The effective date will be the day you fill out the eCore Withdrawal Form, regardless of when your class is withdrawn from Banner.

  5. Check your Banner account to make sure the withdrawal has been completed, but you may not be able to see this change in Banner until the Registrar's Office rolls the grades over, possibly the end of the semester. You will receive a withdrawal confirmation email from eCore.

  6. If there are any unresolved issues, you will be contacted either by Extended University, the Registrar’s Office, or the Business Office.

Withdrawing after the Midpoint

Students withdrawing after the withdrawal deadline date (eCore Midpoint) receive a grade of "WF" for the course, except in cases of hardship or extenuating circumstances as approved by the faculty. You will still need to fill out the online eCore Withdrawal Form.

  • "Hardship" Withdrawal - You need to speak with Karl Staber, Interim Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services. His email and phone number are: and 678.915.6841.

  • To change a "WF" to a "W" that is not "Hardship" - Fill out the "Petition for Class Withdrawal After the Deadline" form at: /registrar/forms/documents/Late_Withdrawal_Form.pdf and send/take to the Registrar's Office.
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