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The content on this website applies to eCore Summer 2015 semester only. KSU eCore information for Fall 2015 and future semesters is now available at

Fall 2015 semester registration will open in Owl Express on April 1, 2015.

Once you have been admitted to SPSU, you will be able to register in Banner for eCore classes, if you have taken the eCore Introduction Quiz. Please see Steps 1 and 2 below, or go to this link: Also, check out the eCore Academic Calendar for eCore registration dates.

For a list of current eCore classes, along with the CRNs, click on the SPSU Banner Schedule of Classes link ( Select desired term and submit, then choose "eCore" from the drop down list and submit. The section numbers will reflect the session: Full Session - 01G series; Short Session I - 50G series; Short Session II - 80G series.

If you are a transient, please contact Judy Abbott, eCore Advisor, to be registered ( or You will be registered the last business day before eCore classes begin.

Please click on the "Apply Now" link to the right for Admissions if you still need to apply to SPSU. Application deadlines are for Spring - October 1; Summer - April 1; and Fall - June 1.

  1. In order to take an eCore class, you have to complete the online eCore Introduction Quiz.

    • If you have not done this in the past, please go to the following website -- -- and take the eCore Introduction Quiz. You will need your SPSU ID # and SPSU email for this. Within 10 minutes you will be entered into the eCore system and will be able to register. You will also receive an email with registration instructions within 48 hours. Once SPSU registration is open, you will be able to register in the SPSU Banner system.
    • If you have taken the eCore Introduction Quiz in the past, then you can go on and register (during open registration) in the SPSU Banner system. Please see the eCore Academic Calendar for eCore registration times and more.
  2. Advising: eCore does not require your advisor’s approval for eCore classes. However, we strongly recommend you to seek your advisor’s approval, just so you won’t be taking something you don’t need. Each academic school at SPSU now has it's own advisor. If you're a transient student, you'll need to talk with your advisor at your home institution about whether a course is equivalent or transfers to another course.

  3. ALL emails will be sent to a student's email address. You will be sent an email confirming your registration. If you have not activated or are not checking your SPSU email account, you should do so immediately and become familiar with this account and its features. 

  4. Once you are registered, and about a week or two before classes start, you will receive a "Welcome - Getting Started" email from the eCore Administrative Services (UWG) with login information. Please be looking for this email and keep it for future reference. You'll also receive one from SPSU's eCore Advisor.

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