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Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
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Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology
The field of electrical engineering technology is concerned with electrical/electronic systems and devices and the effective use of electrical energy.  The field has a broad range of technical specializations that include: communications, power, audio, digital design and biomedical.  Graduates with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering technology will have a broad educational foundation that will support any of these technical specializations plus expertise in at least one of these areas.  This will prepare them for a variety of work place challenges.
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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology
The field of computer engineering technology involves the design, building, operation and maintenance of computer systems.  This discipline examines the hardware and low-level software aspects of a computer system.  Graduates with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering technology will be prepared to work in areas such as, embedded systems, robotics, computer architecture, distributed computing, and digital design.
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Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering Technology
Telecommunications engineering technology involves the design, implementation, and maintenance of communication networking systems of all types.  In addition to an in-depth understanding of communication system hardware and software, the telecommunication engineering technologist must also have knowledge of project management.  Graduates with a bachelor's degree in telecommunications engineering technology will possess the requisite theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable them to have successful and fulfilling careers in this field.
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Master of Science in Engineering Technology - Electrical
The scope of electrical engineering technology has become very broad as the knowledge base and applications associated with this discipline continue to expand at an accelerating pace. The Master of Science degree is offered to meet the needs of individuals who wish to pursue advanced studies in modern electrical, electronic or computer technologies in order to fulfill their personal or career goals.
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