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Teaching Fellows

Teaching Fellows serve on the CTE Advisory Council and each has a major responsibility for one area of development, research and programming. 

AY 2014 CTE Teaching Fellows

Kami Anderson 
Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL)
Adeel Khalid 
Teaching Excellence
Sonia Toson 
Jennifer Louten 

Responsibilities begin in May 2013 and continue through April 2014. More information on each position follows.

Teaching Fellow for Communication

This individual will continue the work done by the 2013 Team Lead for Communication and be the source of most communication to faculty from the CTE. Responsibilities include the following:

  • creating, revising and sending a monthly newsletter from CTE (after approval from CTEAC)
  • creating, revising and sending a weekly CTE email (with advice from the CTEAC)
  • creating and sending special emails and announcements from CTE
  • attending and making CTE announcements at the General Faculty meetings
  • encouraging faculty participation in CTE activities
  • encouraging faculty to provide feedback through the CTE Suggestion Box

Teaching Fellow for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

This individual will continue the work done through the 2013 SoTL efforts. Responsibilities include the following:

  • planning and managing SoTL-related workshops and activities for CTE
  • managing program areas including the Book Club and Research Learning Community(RLC)
  • coordinating the 2014 SoTL mini-grant project
  • recruiting and encouraging SPSU faculty to undertake SoTL projects
  • collecting, organizing, analyzing, and reporting SoTL evaluations and feedback
  • planning and implementing the SoTL in-house publication
  • recommending processes, programs and recognitions to integrate SoTL into the SPSU community

Teaching Fellow for Teaching Excellence

This individual will focus on designing and implementing programs and activities to assist faculty in improving their teaching. Responsibilities include the following:

  • developing and coordinating a program to provide consultation to individual faculty on improving teaching
  • developing and managing a mid-term survey process to provide faculty with feedback from their students
  • identifying, promoting, and recognizing teaching excellence at SPSU
  • researching and reporting on best practices in teaching excellence

Teaching Fellows for Advising

These individuals will continue the work done with the SSARPG Committee and 2013 Advising Teaching Fellows. Responsibilities include the following:

  • developing and delivering the required Advising Update for 2013 in an online format
  • managing the Master Advisor program
  • planning, development and delivery of advising-related workshops for faculty
  • collecting and analyzing feedback related to faculty advising at SPSU
  • recommending advising plan improvements to the dean’s council
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