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Teaching Excellence

Spring 2014 Workshops

Enhancing Face-to-Face Teaching using Technology

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Location: CTE Computer Classroom Facilitator: Brichaya Shah, Director of Instructional Design

We often association teaching with technology with teaching in a distance learning environment. However, there are a variety of ways that technology can enhance face-to-face classrooms. This workshop looks at some of the latest technology being used in higher education classrooms and encourages participants to explore how they can be used in their own classrooms.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Introduce recent classroom technology tools
  • Discuss best practices for using technology in the classroom
  • Demonstrate how technology can be used to enhance participant’s own courses
Dates & Times January 29 12pm - 1:30pm

Teaching International Students: Strategies for Success

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Location: CTE Flexible Classroom (H-202) Facilitator: Linda Sun, Assistant Director of International Programs

This workshop discusses methods of more effectively meeting the needs of our international students. We’ll discuss various methods of course design, communication and student engagement. We will also hear from international students from a variety of different countries to get input on the best ways to engage our international students.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Effectively communicate with international students
  • Effectively engage non-native English speaking students in classroom discussions
  • Provided effective feedback on assignments/exams/projects
  • Integrate both domestic and international students in classroom activities
Dates & Times March 26 12pm - 1pm

The Accessible Classroom: Teaching Students with Disabilities

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Location: CTE Flexible Classroom (H-202) Facilitator: Katie Fahn, Disability Services Coordinator

At some point in your teaching career, it is likely that you will be teaching a student with a disability. This seminar will give an overview of faculty rights and responsibilities under current disability law. Participants will also discuss methods of going beyond the legal requirements to ensure a classroom that is not only fair and accessible to students with disabilities, but allows students with disabilities to thrive.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss the legal rights and responsibilities of the faculty and students with disabilities
  • List of various types of disabilities and their impact on a student’s academic performance
  • Explain the procedures in place at SPSU to assist students with disabilities
Dates & Times February 10 12pm - 1pm