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Teaching Excellence

AY 2012-2013 Teaching Fellow for Teaching Excellence
Jan Nourollahi

The first few weeks of the semester
101 Things you can do the first three weeks of class
By Joyce T. Povlacs.
Teaching and Learning Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
What influences student attitudes towards a course?
From: Curran. J.M & Rosen, D.E. (2006). Student attitudes towards college courses: An examination of influences and intentions. Journal of Marketing Education, 28(2), 135-148.
Preparing a course syllabus and a lesson plan

Writing a syllabus
By Howard B. Altman, University of Louisville & William E. Cashin, Kansas State University from IDEA paper no.27, Center for Faculty Evaluation and Development, A Division of Continuing Education

Syllabus example - Classroom Course

Syllabus example - Internet Course

10 Steps To Developing A Quality Lesson Plan

Lesson Plans:Using Procedures

Teaching Techniques
Good Teaching: the top ten requirements
By Richard Leblanc, Ph.D., York University

Applying the seven principles for good practice in undergraduate education
By Joseph R. Codde, Ph.D., Professor and Director - Educational Technology Certificate Program Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education Department, Michigan State University. Adapted from Arthur W. Chickering's and Zelda F. Gamson's book entitled, "Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education"

Common teaching methods

Ideas to Encourage Student Retention
Sixty-three ideas are presented for faculty use in dealing with retention/attrition.

Active learning tips

More teaching tips

Fink's five principles of good course design
By L. Dee Fink, University of Oklahoma Instructional Development Program, July 19,1999.

Critical Thinking
Critical thinking community
Foundations for critical thinking

What is critical thinking


Classroom assessment techniques

Classroom assessment technique examples

Quizzes, tests and exams

Motivating Students

Principles of motivation in education

Motivating Students
By Barbara Gross Davis, University of California, Berkley

Tools for Teaching