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FAQs for CSWE Webpage


What would be the approximate cost (overall and per semester) of the Masters' Degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering?  What additional cost would the certification(s) incur?

This next link is for Tuition and Fees:  http://spsu.edu/tuitionfees/index.htm
GTCCS is billed at Graduate rates.


What financial aid options would be available to me? 

The following is where you will find Financial Aid information: 678-915-7290  finaid@spsu.edu http://spsu.edu/financialaid/


Where do I apply for Graduate Assistantships?

https://employment.spsu.edu/ When you follow this link, click on Graduate Assistant.


What Co-Op and Internships are available? 

Co-Ops, Internships and any other jobs offered to SPSU students are available through our Career and Counseling Center. They would be happy to assist you look for a position.
http://www.spsu.edu/careerservices/students/index.htm  678-915-7391 (office)


Will the GTCCS courses count if I get my MSCS here?

The GTCCS consists of 6 courses, and you do get credit for all courses you take, 18 credit hours.  The credits do NOT count towards the MSCS degree but appear on your transcript, regardless of whether you later enroll in the MSCS.

What is the acceptable TOEFL or IELTS score for students who are applying into the Computer Science and Software Engineering Master?s program?

Official English proficiency test scores required for all international students whose native language is not English

TOEFL         Required scores: 79 IBT; 213 Computer-based

IELTS          Required score: 6.5


Where can I find the academic calendar?

Go here: http://www.spsu.edu/registrar/calendars/index.htm

When can I get a tour around SPSU?

If it is possible, please attend an Open House. 

Otherwise, arrange a tour here: http://www.spsu.edu/undergraduate/visitcampus/index.htm


How do I register for classes?

This page will show you how to correctly register for classes.http://www.spsu.edu/registrar/registration/index.htm


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