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Advising Process


In order to help you complete your degree as quickly as possible, the School of Computing and Software Engineering has instituted a Mandatory Advising Policy. As you will see, this policy will require you to have a degree completion plan indicating which courses you are planning to take over the next two semesters. You will be required to be advised to create the initial degree completion plan. As long as you keep completing courses according to the plan, you are not required to seek advising, although you are of course free to do so. You will also be required to be advised when you are in the last semester of your current degree completion plan unless this is your last semester of course.

In order to make a degree completion plan, you will obviously need to know in which semester we are offering which courses. We therefore also created a permanent schedule. The schedule is minimal in that they list only the courses that we are committed to teaching in each semester, even though we may be offering more. However, in creating your degree completion plan, you must never assume that we will be offering a course in a semester that is not on the permanent schedule.

If you have any questions about the policy or the permanent schedules, please contact Ms Beth Haynie, Ms. Ashley McClure, your program coordinator, or your department chair.

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