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Computing and Software Engineering Department
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Over the years as the university has evolved, the department has changed its name and evolved the range of programs it offered. The Department of Computer Information Systems Technology began operation in the Fall Quarter of 1983, offering Associate and Bachelor Degrees in Computer Information Systems Technology. There were two options within the Bachelor's Degree, Information Systems and Technical Analysis. These were "designated" degrees, with the diploma reading "Bachelor of Computer Information Systems Technology," for example. Degree options were shown on a second line on the diplomas.

In 1986, the CST Department eliminated the Associate's Degree, arguing that there were not enough major-related courses in the two-year program to warrant giving it a designation, with other departments following suit. In 1987, the Department dropped the "technology" designator from its name, becoming the Department of Computer Information Systems. We also added a degree option in Artificial Intelligence. In 1988 the Department was renamed Applied Computer Science. The Information Systems degree option was renamed Software Engineering, and the Technical Analysis degree option was renamed Technical Applications to avoid confusion with the term "technical analysis" being used to describe detailed study of stock markets.

In 1989, the Bachelor's Degree was re-designated as a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Applied Computer Science. These were now considered "undesignated" BS degrees, with the diploma reading "Bachelor of Science" and the major and degree option shown on second and third lines on the diplomas. In 1993, the Department was renamed Computer Science and the BS Degree major was changed to be Computer Science as well. The degree option tracks were eliminated, but the 25 quarter credit hours of required upper level electives were structured to give students the choice of developing some depth in several specific subfields. During the years following, Master's degrees and additional Bachelor's degrees were added, and the department got reorganized into a School (in 2001) with multiple reorganizations within the school into different departments.


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