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When Faculty Have To Be Out

. . . instead of canceling classes, contact us to offer an in-class seminar. Our staff can provide students with a wealth of useful tips and strategies that can help them be successful in college and beyond. Our staff is available to present workshops/seminars to classes, for departmental training/retreats and for faculty and staff. Topics generally range from personal growth issues, academic performance enhancement, stress management, career development and job search related areas. While many of the topics are offered on a regular basis, we also enjoy designing and presenting other topics that can be tailored to the needs of your class or group.

To schedule a class visit, simply complete the Classroom Presentation Request Form.  We will respond within 24 hours so you can plan accordingly.

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A Sample of Presentation Topics . . .
  • Services Provided By The Career and Counseling Center
  • Study Skills For Academic Success
  • Making Every Minute Count: Managing Your Time
  • How To Take A Test And Not Get Taken
  • It’s Only A Test!  Keeping Expectations Realistic
  • Procrastination: Breaking The Habit
  • What Can I Do With A Major In . . .
  • What Do You Mean by Experiential Education? Coop and Internships
    • Best for classes with sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • Resume Writing Made Easy
  • Finding A Job In Today's Tough Market
  • Navigating The Interview Process
  • Salary Negotiations That Work
  • Using LinkedIn To Build Your Career Network
  • Balancing School, Work, And Family
  • Keeping Your Cool: Stress Management Techniques
  • Can't Say "NO"? Understanding When and Why To Stand Up For Your Rights
  • Valuing Differences
  • Depression:  Learning To Live With It
  • Understanding Mental Illness
  • Coping With Grief And Loss
  • Conflicts with Roommates, Family, Friends: Getting Along with Others
  • Questions To Consider About Committed Relationships
  • Keys To Effective Communication
  • Things You Need To Know About Date and Acquaintance Rape

Career and Counseling Center

Student Center, Room 170