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Degrees in Chemistry

Two students working in a chemistry lab

The chemistry department at SPSU offers a wide variety of courses exploring the many branches of the chemical field.

SPSU offers a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry which requires students to take classes in all the different fields of chemistry in order to ensure that graduates have a solid grasp on the different aspects of chemistry and its applications. These are accompanied with classes in physics and math as well as other chemistry electives and classes in lab techniques and chemical literature which ensure that students have has wide a variety of knowledge in the field With classes in organic, inorganic, analytical, and physical chemistry, as well as biochemistry, SPSU's chemistry program allows students to graduate as well rounded and informed chemists. Hands-on labs that come with most chemistry classes also allow chemistry students to understand the real life applications of concepts learned in classes while honing their labs skills which will be essential to their futures both in graduate school and in the workplace.

Another option for SPSU chemistry students is the BS in Chemistry with Teaching Certification. This track allows students to obtain the same Bachelor of Science degree along with teaching certification. Students on this track will take the same classes as students working to obtain just a Bachelor of Science degree while also taking classes in teaching and education to get certification to teach chemistry for grades 6-12. This degree expands options for students to jobs in a classroom educating the next generation of chemists without have to get a separate degree in education.

The chemistry department also offers a chemistry minor for those in a different field that have an interest in chemistry.

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