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Center for Georgia Aggregates Research

SPSU Center for Georgia
Aggregates Research 
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060


The mission of CGAR is 1) to develop interdisciplinary works with SPSU faculties in engineering and technology (mechanical, civil, construction, and architecture) to engage in the technology transfer to the civil, construction, pavement and geotechnical engineering practitioners and future engineers through educational program, training program, and consulting activities and 2) to promote open communication of aggregate industry needs and industry access to university resources.

Center Goals and Objectives

CGAR serves the industry as a forum for research, consulting, and discussion where civil, construction, pavement, and geotechnical engineering stakeholders can seek answers to aggregate industry concerns. The center’s mission is enhanced by the active participation of state DOT and federal agency representatives in formulating our research and consulting programs, and overseeing its accomplishment. Through seminar, research and consulting reports, CGAR is putting the most practical technology into the hands of aggregate industry and state and federal agencies, ensuring that the resources are used in the most efficient and economical manner. The center will also actively seek external funding for research and consulting projects.

Specifically, the impacts of CGAR will:

  • encourage and develop interdisciplinary research in construction, pavement, and geotechnical engineering as well as other areas of  civil and construction engineering where influence of geology on design and construction of civil structures must be well identified and implemented;
  • provide educational opportunities for faculties, students, and aggregate industry involved in the related fields of study such as, civil, construction, and architectural engineering;
  • provide faculty with an organizational infrastructure for funding new areas of research;
  • conduct meetings, symposia, and workshops on the research topics and provide a mechanism for technology transfer by promoting aggregate industry access to well-referenced and current information on the topics from both a theoretical as well as a practical application; and
  • provide research leadership in a broad range of civil and construction-related fields serving both the industry and the academic community.

The service contract from CGAR has been signed by SPSU and Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).

Starting May 2012, the funded special research study has focused on the structural analysis of Georgia pavements containing aggregate base layer in the state of Georgia.
The CGAR has been playing a significant role to accurately identify the pavement structure and provide meaningful analyses of Georgia pavements for GDOT.