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Land Surveying Certificate

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Certificate of Land Surveying


The Land Surveying Certificate program is designed to prepare surveyors with the basic education necessary to take the Fundamentals of Land Surveying Exam and to exceed the State of Georgia academic education requirements to become a Registered LandSurveyor. There are six courses required in the certificate program.

1 SURV 2221   Surveying I   4 Cr.
2 CET 4310, 4310L   Stormwater Management Erosion Control and Lab
  3 Cr.
3 SURV 3222   Surveying II   4 Cr.
4 SURV 4465   Legal Aspects of Land Surveying   4 Cr.
5 SURV 4475   Land Surveying Practice   2 Cr.
6 SURV 4470   Land Development Design   4 Cr.
      Total Credit Hours   21 Cr.

Please note that CET and other courses have one or more prerequisite courses which are not part of the certificate program). If you have the required subject knowledge you can request a prerequisite waiver from the CET Department Chair. Please note that the HOPE Grant may only cover tuition for exactly the six courses listed above which are required to complete the certificate. Enrollment in any other courses may not have tuition covered by the HOPE Grant. Please check with SPSU Financial Aid Office.

Course Descriptions

SURV 2221 Surveying I: (3-3-4)

Prerequisites: Math 1113, EDG 2160

Angles, distances, elevations; horizontal and vertical location using total station and level; simple horizontal and vertical curves; contouring; introduction to the Global Positioning System; introductory coordinate computations; simple topographic survey project.

CET 4310 Stormwater Management and Erosion Control: (2-3-3)

Prerequisite: CET 3130

Study of rain distributions, runoff generation, peak flow estimations, hydrograph generation, as well as stormwater conveyance systems.  This course also includes the study of structures and best management practices for erosion control to maintain or improve water quality.

CET 4310L Stormwater Management and Erosion Control Lab:  (0-3-1)

Prerequisite: CET 4310 (or concurrent enrollment)

Students apply the process of the selection and implementation of best management practices in erosion control. Students will visit operating stormwater retention facilities to assess the implementation of outlet structures to reduce erosion control.

 SURV 3222 Surveying II: (3-3-4)

Prerequisite:  SURV 2221

Route geometry computations and field techniques; automated data collection and reduction of topographic surveys; coordinate computations for intersections; route design project.

 SURV 4465 Legal Aspects of Land Surveying: (4-0-4)

Prerequisite: SURV 3222

Cadastral systems, Georgia laws on surveying and property; boundary survey legal research; writing of legal descriptions; evidence evaluation; U.S. Public Land System.

 SURV 4470 Land Development Design: (3-3-4)

Prerequisites: CET 4310, CET 4310L and SURV 2221

Site analysis; subdivision design; drainage design; sewer design; legal requirements; platting, CAD computer methods.

 SURV 4475 Land Survey Practice: (1-3-2)

Prerequisite: SURV 4465

Legal research; boundary analysis; boundary survey project; office procedures; business practice.


Contact Personnel

Professor Matt Wilson, RLS
Surveying and Mapping
Office: 678-915-5502

Professor Timothy W. Zeigler, P.E.
Program Coordinator
Chair, Civil Engineering Technology
Office: 678-915-5495 


Revised: 7-30-13